Phir Mile Sur

Phir Mile Sur, 2010 from Mile Sur Mera Tumhara, 1988. 22 Years of a song, 61 years of a Republic. What has changed? Be the change. Read more on

Vote and Make a Difference

Vote for the Give India Charity on Chase Giving. Make a difference, to ensure over 40,000 children get education for at least a year.

Ride Back Home

The ride back to Chennai from Kumbakonnam and a making special friend. Read the whole post on

Another Chapter

A short post on closing a chapter and beginning a new one. Read more on

Happiness Is Just Around The Corner

The last blog post from the great city of Hyderabad. About Sparta, finding happiness and what the future beholds. Read the whole post on . Over and out….

Memories in a Loyal Trunk

The Joys of packing, and the surprises it holds! Read more on

The Moon Finally Set

And I reluctantly looked at the sun; it was strangely looking beautiful now. Read the complete post on

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