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Do you speak Facebook?

I joined facebook sometime in 2006; but it has just exploded in recent times. The last count of the number of users on facebook stood at around 300 million. That’s one out of every 20 people in the world on social networking.

I am no authority on Facebook but just a regular user who just has this compulsive habit of updating my status message. That’s my only sin. Here is a simple list I have compiled with some personal experience and Facebook user guides.

It’s complicated: Sure, your relationship is complicated. Would you want to tell the whole world about it?

Wall to Wall: When someone writes on your wall, you write back on their wall. The comment feature is for other people who can view the conversation only.

Breaking up, the weasel way: Changing the relationship status to tell your spouse you are no longer seeing her, 100% cheap!

I like, you like: Liking your own status messages and posts, could be avoided.

Reply: Use @name like twitter to reply to people’s comments on your posts.

Give and take: If you share something you like from your friend’s profile, it’s a good thing to tell people where it’s coming from.

App-warfare: there are tones and tones of applications out there. For even taking a quiz, you need to add it as an application and then of course they expect you to invite people. Invite only the ones whom you think would be genuinely interested. A personal message along with it, would also be recommended.

Add ‘fiend’: When you add someone as a friend, it’s a good idea to give a small personal message. You could be getting back in touch with a year, people tend to forget; live with it.

Third person: Nowhere does it say, that your status messages need to be in third person. Don’t kill yourself over it. Earlier the status messages used to be always prefixed with “is”. Not anymore.

Of ‘frandships’: No one wants to know pretty their eyes are, and that you want to make ‘frandship’.

Messaging is a good idea: Privacy rocks, especially if you are sending across personal information.
Control albums: There is no reason why the whole world would want to see your photo album. It’s a good idea to make your profile photos available to friends of friends (for others to find you) and hide other photo albums.

Tagging: It’s a bad idea to tag oneself in your own photo albums. You could request someone else to do it for you, however.

Me, myself and me: putting too many pictures of yourself would just make it pretty obvious how self obsessed you really are.

Whiskey and FB don’t go well together: If you are drunk, stay away! Shit happens.

Comment if you are tagged: You could be tagged in a picture or a post. When someone has taken the effort to tag you, why not leave a comment to share the moment again?

No Dear please: This has nothing to do with facebook etiquettes, but I get really pissed when some guy calls me “Dear”. How are you doing dear? Ewwwwwwwww.

Profile pictures are good: Put a profile picture where people can identify you. cartoon characters, group photos are a strict NO!

Jabbing: If one feature could be removed from facebook, I would definitely vote for the Poke feature. Maybe if they had called it the ‘Nudge’ it wouldn’t have been so bad. Just the fact that whenever I get a poke, I get this pain in my ass.

Ok, that’s about it from my side. If there are things that bug you on facebook, just comment! Liked this post? Share it!

14 Responses to “The FaceBook Etiquette Cheat Sheet”

  1. PratsNo Gravatar says:

    Totally relevant, I agree with-
    - Add Friends
    - Friendship
    - Whiskey & FB

    a good post :-)

  2. MunimNo Gravatar says:

    I don’t see why tagging yourself in a photo album is such a bad idea. if there are a photos of a lot of people, you should tag everyone including yourself.

  3. SahithyaNo Gravatar says:

    good post! Pretty much summarizes everything which pisses me off on Facebook.
    I’d like to add that people should only publish relevant activities which have some point and not force their friends to ultimately hide their notifications completely!!

  4. vinniNo Gravatar says:

    @Prats: I am not sure if the last one applies to you!
    @Munim: If you create an album, people are sure to identify you since they are on your friend list; Unless and untill you share the album with everyone on facebook.
    @Sahithya: Are you taking a dig at me? That’s my only sin!

  5. That’s a really good one DEAR!! :P

  6. harguneetNo Gravatar says:

    Whiskey and FB hmmm true true…. they should get a app like the app in GMail…where u have to solve math puzzles before you send out a mail….works wonders if your drunk and doesnt let u make a fool of your self, well at least over email :P

  7. SiddharthNo Gravatar says:

    Once a guy friend posted a msg on my wall and ended it with dear…. i deleted him frm my friend list and blocked future invites from him….. guys DON’T call each other dear… theres a word for the purpose… “dude”

  8. ParthNo Gravatar says:

    Thanks a lot for this post, dude!

    I really enjoyed reading this list…truly relevant! A light and casual read!

    I shared this on StumbleUpon and promoted you on IndiBlogger!

  9. vinniNo Gravatar says:

    Thanks a lot Parth! :) Like they say, sharing is sexy!

  10. sumitNo Gravatar says:

    good list. to add to that, the silly activities which crop up every now and then on the update section. i honestly couldn’t be bothered with “what type of sin you are” or what “your daily horoscope” is. end result is i end up blocking those apps. i perhaps have a longer list of such apps than any other list possible on FB :P

  11. adtyanNo Gravatar says:

    thats really good

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