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Stop on the hill

Stop on the hill

I initially thought I would call this post ‘The unshakeable and the brat’; but then I thought about it - a brat riding the unshakeable and the unshakable riding the brat. Applause applause! Thank you! I am supposed to be the unshakeable.

Also, don’t expect a travelogue, it’s not meant to be one. I don’t think the places we went to had names either.
Abhishek and I started sometime around afternoon on Saturday and headed out in the direction of the airport to exit the city. We never had a place in mind, but we drove none the less. After running into cops, and then let go scot free we had narrowed down to three places – Srisalem, Nizambad or Warangal. We decided to head towards Warangal.
Our exit from the city happened at around 5PM. We were riding without helmets at a speed of 40 throughout. With numerous stop overs at water holes, hills, villages, piss breaks, tea breaks and directions we reached Warangal at 10PM. That’s 5 hours for 140 kilometers on an empty highway. A good start indeed.

Driving a two stroker is not comfortable. The constant vibrations will either pull you apart, or the bike. In this trip, it was only I who fell apart.

View from the top

View from the top

Hungry for not having eaten close to 10 hours we went searching for places; and entered a crowded area where we found some Haleem (mutton) and Harees (chicken) shacks. It had to be the most unhygienic place to eat but we ate none the less. It was the best Harees I have ever eaten! The custard at 1130 in the night hit the spot.
We put up at a decent hotel and drank till about 2 AM. Whiskey after a long trip is always welcome! We woke up at 10 in the morning the hit the road again at 12. Return journeys are always painful. We took every detour, every stop. The highlight of the return journey was climbing on the hill with our bikes. We could see the entire landscape from there. Breathtaking!

The next major stopover was when both of us almost died. Thanks to the guy who shoved a chilli up the dog who came running across the road. It banged into Abhshek’s bike first, broke a few bones then rammed into mine and broke a few more bones. While we should have been feeling sorry for the bitch, we couldn’t help but realize we were almost gonners. We managed to balance the bike at the right time to avoid running into each other and well …. dying. If anyone asks me about the dog, I promise you will get the boot!

Final stop over started with looking for a lake, and we finally hit a huge meadow with nowhere to go. We could only see the horizon from there. There was not a soul in site. This was probably the most peaceful location we had seen that day. Also a place to recollect ourselves after the dog almost killed us.

We returned back to city at around 8 PM (8 hours this time around); fully aware of a hard day at work the next day. Baah! Who gives a damn anyway. We had the most awesome bike trip to nowhere!

Trips should not come to an end!

Trips should not come to an end!

5 Responses to “Trip to Nowhere”

  1. PratsNo Gravatar says:

    Sounds really awesome….

    “If you don’t know where you are going, any road will take you there. ” - Lewis Carrol

  2. VinniNo Gravatar says:

    :) exactly what we had in mind when we were driving down!

  3. AnwinNo Gravatar says:

    Awesome man. The best trips are sometimes unplanned I guess :) . Looks like you had some fun other than Biriyanis after all…lol.

  4. VinniNo Gravatar says:

    yeah man. you said it right! I did have some fun! this time it was haleem! :)
    the bike was the main dish of course!

  5. prashant kNo Gravatar says:

    i too had a similar trip to another ‘nowhere’ a few months ago.. we planned to go to my friends farm but ended up going somewhere else !!
    best way to chill ur mind and burn fuel :D

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