None? At all?

I owe this to y’all because of the previous post I wrote on M&B. In my un-ending quest to master the art of writing a romantic story (irony!) and also because my brain was functioning only at that level, I read this book called ‘What I did for Love’ (sounds cheesy, doesn’t it? I read [...]

Irritation With A Vengeance

Irritating people come in all shapes and sizes; random people who ask you random questions at random places. Absent-minded and omnipresent, they keep doing stupid things and irritate you. From elevators to movie-theaters, aur bus stops se le kar local trains tak, they are found everywhere. Wherever you go, their network follows! Well, enough is [...]

Trip to Nowhere

I initially thought I would call this post ‘The unshakeable and the brat’; but then I thought about it - a brat riding the unshakeable and the unshakable riding the brat. Applause applause! Thank you! I am supposed to be the unshakeable.
Also, don’t expect a travelogue, it’s not meant to be one. I don’t think [...]

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