Riding with the BOSS


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Bite the dust, wannabe!

I am not a big bike lover. But the first bike that I owned way back in college was the Shogun. I rode it three years before which my brother used to ride it. The engine ceased one fine day and the bore had to be replaced with one from Samurai, its poorer cousin. I did quite see the point in riding a Samurai fitted Shogun then. It was like making a Maruti 800 look like a Benz with the same 800cc engine.I bought a Pulsar 150 after that with alloy wheels. High on the oomph factor; I think I still missed the raw grunt of the shogun. The Pulsar whistled compared to the Shogun. But I did enjoy the speed; I hit even 140 kmph on the Mysore Road.

Like they say, 2 Strokers thrill, and 4 strokers endure. This one is meant to thrill; and I would gift it to my grandchildren when I am done riding it. It stays with me for now

A few days back, I felt like reliving the college days. I had the only shogun in college and people could tell from a distance, it was mine. It had a distinct sound. Music. I bought the shogun yesterday after going through numerous ads. There were believe me – 3 shoguns on sale; two of which were modified. I wanted one in stock condition. In a city of maximum number of two wheelers there were all but three shoguns for sale.

Front Console. The Bike would have been incomplete without the tacometer

One thing I always liked was the brotherhood between the RX100 fans and Shogun fans. I don’t think anyone would even try racing each other. Just for the pure respect. As I race past the pulsars and the FZ16s I can’t help but feel sorry for them. What do those mortals know about 2 strokes! Hah!

Back in the 80s; the roads were full of Bullets, Yezdis and CD100s - And the RX100 ruled. There was nothing as quick as the RX, nothing that could beat its awesome throttle response. The RX shamed them all.

Whatever the base design was, the shogun was born as a 108.2cc machine, with a multiport engine and a racing silencer. The marketing campaigns called it “The Boss”. Which it was; there was nothing available in the Indian market which could come near the pure explosive power delivery of the shogun. Not even the RX100 and RX100 fans would agree. I am not kidding when I say I have done 0-60 in less than 5 seconds. Shogun could belt them all, and leave the sorry 4 strokers all behind.

Look more into the silencer and what you see is pure racing stuff – it’s actually an expansion chamber clothed in a straighter looking black pipe; that figures where part of the power comes from, as well as the superb exhaust note. Like I said - music.

The bike doesn’t care about refinement or saving the environment, but the level of fun a rider can have on this bike is still unparalleled. We are talking about a 104kg bike with 14.2 PS of raw power, enough to post a 5.6 sec 0-60km/h (on paper) timing with a top whack of 108km/h. As fast as the fastest 150cc bikes around. To put it briefly, whatever you do, the bike will rattle itself to pieces. Buy it, blast it, and forget it.

Never mind the Samuri Seat Cover!

On handling I wouldn’t give Shogun more than 2 on a five. It’s not meant to be a refined horse where you could go cruising and not be tired. The shogun is meant for you to feel the road, the only way to enjoy the drive. The tingling scream will make the hair on your arms stand on end; just the way to enjoy the perfect drive.

I haven’t bought this for daily use. It’s not meant to be. It’s more like keep sake where I could probably end up driving in the woods away from city and the madness. Like they say, 2 Strokers thrill, and 4 strokers endure. This one is meant to thrill; and I would gift it to my grandchildren when I am done riding it. It stays with me for now.

14 Responses to “Riding with the BOSS”

  1. VenkatNo Gravatar says:

    Dude I hope ur grandchildren value it as much as you do and not sell it to buy a house.. coz i bet that’s how much its gonna be worth 2 generations from now :)

  2. VinniNo Gravatar says:

    @venkat, I am not too sure if we can ever assign a value to the bike! its priceless!

  3. shaifaliNo Gravatar says:

    ;) congrats! enjoy the ride!

  4. ~uh~™No Gravatar says:

    Cool site. Will have to check it again for the pictures ( firewalled now).

  5. SlashNo Gravatar says:

    Nicely written. Always great to discover a fellow 2-stroke lover. Have a RX of my own. And blogged about it too ;) .
    Hope to read more about your shogun odysseys in future.

  6. VinniNo Gravatar says:

    @slash! thanks for dropping by. Surely always nice to meet a fellow 2 stroke lover. I wonder why people would spend so much money to buy a stupid 4 stroker. they just seem to carry more plastic these days and lesser of the engine. LOL

  7. Couldn’t agree more with the statement -
    “2 Strokers Thrill, while 4-strokers Endure” —-
    I still love my RX ( It was a ’96 model !) which I happily rode for 2 years in Pune…….

    However Vineet, am not sure whether the Shogan dwarfs the RX when it comes to firing/acceleration.
    I haven’t rode the Shogan extensively, hence i wud give u the benefit of doubt here :)

    Have fun riding the “Boss”.

  8. AnwinNo Gravatar says:

    I hope to have my Enfield till that time too. But I am not sure it will be legal to ride motorcycles in another 50 years… hehehe.

  9. VinniNo Gravatar says:

    legality is hogwash. I’ll ride anyway! :)

  10. shabeerNo Gravatar says:

    i need 1 shogu with stroke & lee km run pls advice

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