India, Balochistan and beyond


Fifteen years down, who will today say that I what I did then was wrong? This nation stands tall, proud, fast-growing. – Manmohan Singh during the debate on the Indo-US nuclear deal.

Back in 2004 when BJP lost power and Congress came sweeping the elections, I was too one of the staunch BJP supporters who joined others shouting from the roof tops telling Sonia to back off and head back to Italy. In a surprise move she gave the prime minister ship to Manmohan Singh. I don’t remember being too pleased about that as well. He was financial wizard, but managing a coalition and keeping a parliament of ‘chalta hai’ ministers running; I refused to give a rat’s ass chance.


During the no confidence vote, when Manmohan decided to align with SP and leave the communists behind was seen a putting one’s hand in the lion’s mouth. But Manmohan came out of it with but minor bruises.

If the first government was about the Nuclear deal, the new one is for Indo-Pak relations. While many are up with arms over the recent statements made by the PM, I think we have failed to understand the true genius behind it.

A section of the congress believes it will give BJP an opportunity to pile on, while another is trying to use the disquiet to show their ire on Manmohan. And of course there is the old guard like Pranab Mukherjee who feel they should have been consulted before going ahead. The opposition, well they have always opposed what the center does, right?

What’s curious is decoupling the composite dialogue from action on terror and the reference to Baluchistan. What’s better is the complete support from Sonia Gandhi; a fact that goes on to prove that she accepts that these things should be left to someone who is more experienced in heading the nation in a direction that it should be heading. The support Manmohan is getting after Sonia’s backing is phenomenal to say the least.

We need to think out of the box if we want to forge ahead, but many of us are afraid of emerging out of the box. This statement created a small window to get us back on track.- Kapil Sibal

We are still not too sure if Manmohan has accepted India’s involvement in Baluchistan but one thing is we are sure about Manmohan’s steely resolve behind his mild manners and he probably has a vision we are yet to figure out. We need to get out of old mindsets to move ahead to make any progress.

In fact, the Balochistan reference and a commitment to begin the dialogue process despite individual acts of terrorism might give India an opportunity to reassure Pakistan society and will also reassure the International community on our stand on peace in the region.

Adapted from newspaper reports, and articles in India Today and Outlook.

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  1. VenkatNo Gravatar says:

    Exactly mirrors my views.. back then and now :)

  2. AnkurNo Gravatar says:

    Mentioning balochistan is no big deal. Intelligence agencies on both side are involved in causing problem to each other. Pakistani society thinks that RAW is behind every thing gone bad in pakistan..and we think ISI is behind every terrorist attack in India.
    PM is not stupid is accept a joint statement without review. Remember - during Agra talks with Musharaf - we never made any joint statements though of the records we agreed on so many things. So this is a good begining!

  3. vinniNo Gravatar says:

    and do get yourself a gravatar!

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