Hyderabadi Hangover


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What would essentially happen with a bunch of drunken guys at 11 PM sitting in Hyderabad having watched Hangover just a week before? Hau Sulemaan, kya bataan karte? Hum bhi hangover manate baap. (Yes, Sulemaan, what you saying mate? We shall also make our own ‘hangover’!

Abhishek and I started off packing some crab meat, some chicken and some more chicken. By the way, Ravi if you are reading this it might interest you to know the crab meat is still in your car; and we came back some 3 days back. We stopped over for some usual ‘bakar’ or ‘chutiyaap’ (My dictionary fails when I try to translate this) as many would identify having done before. Here I prove it below; and it’s a precious little picture because of three things:

1. We tried to rip the guys head off and failed but succeeded in escaping

2.  This is the only snap we got during the trip, and it was very much in Hyderabad

3.  This is a prime example of Reddy Teddy

One retard with teddy

Another retard with the reddy teddy

Guess who is more drunk?

We lost our way somewhere when we were trying to exit the city. Apparently our navigators on the road know only one direction – “seeda jaake right (go straight and take a right)”. The problem is straight could be either left or right, so we ended up reaching 40 kms away from the city in the opposite direction. The funny thing is, people now said “Seeda jaake straight (go straight and then go straight)” everytime we asked them.

We stopped next to a local hyderabadi and tried to coax him into telling us the direction. This pathan refuses to look at us. What the fuck man! very coolly he turns his head in the opposite direction and he are all but pulling his lungi to tell us the directions. He still wouldn’t budge.

I don’t quite remember much of the journey once we did hit the right road. All I remember is telling others to burn my balls if I was wrong. We were on the right road, because my balls are intact now when I look at them with admiration.
We reached the place finally covering some 180 odd kilometers. I think we would have reached in some two and a half hours. We gorged on the biryani we had packed on the way just when a scorpion came next to us. Like retards we were staring at it; and throwing food at it. The darn thing never ate.

Abhishek and I decided to go to the beach to relax and sleep for a bit. Since we were in a crocodile infested place, we had to watch our backs and our legs. We finally gave up trying to stay awake and did sleep for an hour.
We headed back now, and woke up the other gang; and headed to the temple next to the river. It was time for a bath. We suddenly remembered. So it was a midnight road trip after all!

We reached Hyderabad back at around 11AM and slept. We slept.

We slept a bit more.

6 Responses to “Hyderabadi Hangover”

  1. VenkatNo Gravatar says:

    wel, even my vocab fails when i try to translate “chutiap” in either english or tamil or socially acceptable hindi! Faced this tonnes of times :D
    Anyway nice road trip dude.. u seem to be still having ur share of the MBA-style fun (except that in MBA, its usually bikes instead of a car :D )

  2. PratsNo Gravatar says:

    ROFL!!! Where did you go??? Where on earth you found that Teddy thing???
    I don’t know what and why you were doing this hyderabad???

    Where did u actually go?

  3. PratsNo Gravatar says:

    What exactly are you upto?
    Where on earth you find that Teddy in Hyderabad?
    and you drove 180 Kms in Hyderabad??

    Man you were seriously drunk!!! :-)

  4. VinniNo Gravatar says:

    yeah man, there is nothing better than reliving the college days! and i am getting a bike for the same as well!

  5. VinniNo Gravatar says:

    @prats: this was to nagarjuna sagar. we could not have done 180 kms in the city! LOL! and the shore was next to the dam.

  6. TwinkieNo Gravatar says:

    ha! that’s too funny. LOVE IT. And love the bear pictures. Poor teddy bear had no idea he was going to be ambushed by two drunk men that night! hahaa

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