Riding with the BOSS

I am not a big bike lover. But the first bike that I owned way back in college was the Shogun. I rode it three years before which my brother used to ride it. The engine ceased one fine day and the bore had to be replaced with one from Samurai, its poorer cousin. I [...]

Hyderabadi Hangover

What would essentially happen with a bunch of drunken guys at 11 PM sitting in Hyderabad having watched Hangover just a week before? Hau Sulemaan, kya bataan karte? Hum bhi hangover manate baap. (Yes, Sulemaan, what you saying mate? We shall also make our own ‘hangover’!
Abhishek and I started off packing some crab meat, some [...]

India, Balochistan and beyond

Fifteen years down, who will today say that I what I did then was wrong? This nation stands tall, proud, fast-growing. – Manmohan Singh during the debate on the Indo-US nuclear deal.
Back in 2004 when BJP lost power and Congress came sweeping the elections, I was too one of the staunch BJP supporters who joined [...]

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