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Change is good. But what is important is what brings about the change, and why you want to change. We change for loved ones, or we could change for ourselves. When a company changes its logo, they do it for themselves; when they change the way they offer their services – they do it for their loved ones.

Though people around you would want you to change, the thing we must ponder about is it really what you want to do? Are you changing for yourself?

I strongly believe, the world can’t be changed so you’d rather change yourself. Or to put it in a better way, we must adapt ourselves to the world. This could be seen a compromise, but it really is not. Compromise is when you let go of your beliefs in order to fulfill the whims and fancies of others. There is a very thin line between adapting and compromising. If adapting to changing situations is able to bring out the better for you and others, then why not? The key to success is often the ability to adapt.

Many a times, we stumble across a situation that would demand you to stop doing what you like doing. It’s a very debatable situation. Either we could continue doing what we feel is right, in the hope that the world around you accepts for whom you are, or you could make the best of the situation by doing what makes sense to others. But I am not saying, you stop altogether; continue your good things in life but maybe after a while. It may have to take a backseat. We got to live with it.

Don’t we all change when we get married? As we grow older we change, but too much of compromise and not adapting to change can be disastrous. It’s not who you are.  We change, whether we like it or not. And if you don’t create change within yourself, change will create you.

Today, I give you a new look. Change is inevitable - except from a vending machine. No, there is no picture for this one!


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    i like…both the posts
    a nice read.

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    so what did u like about them?

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