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Shoppers never stop

No.. this is not another Confession of a Shopaholic kind of read. To begin with, I do not consider my self a shopaholic. Uhh. Err wait.. Does shopping every weekend make me a shopaholic? .. Sigh!!! Gone are the days when I used to shop every weekend!! Before u think I am a rich spoilt brat… I never really splurge on expensive stuff.  Few.. little things work out the best for me J. Different people unwind themselves in different ways. Some like to trek, some play music, some like to write.. I feel that shopping too can be an effective therapy.

Controlling your self from shopping is a lot like going on a diet. You start with resistance.  If it works, you eat/shop in small quantities without hurting your body/pocket. If the urge is uncontrollable.. SPAT!! Your scales/bills do not look so pretty.

I ran towards the shirt and pounced on it before any one else could spot it. Aaaah!!! VICTORY!!!

With this mall culture shaping up so speedily, it has become inevitable to land up at one of them during offs. The beauty of malls is that it make you buy things you don’t need. As soon as I set my first step in the mall, the spirit of shopping engulfs me. I immediately scan for my favorite shops, check for SALE tags, and prioritize them based on time and shopping needs.

I categorize the shops as follows:

  • Have to go shops: These are my favorite shops. I religiously visit them every time I enter a mall. Gadget counters, clothes, shoes, and jewelry counters belong to this category.
  • I do not mind peeping in shops: I visit these shops based on my mood. Mobile stores, grocery shops, books counters, and cosmetic counters.
  • I can skip shops: These are the shops can easily pass because either they are too boring or they can hurt my pocket badly. Saris, dress materials, and foreign brands.


I had not shopped on a GRAND scale since quite some time. I was trying to save for an important reason. Some time back I came to know that the reason was not applicable anymore. I was happy because I knew that now I could go and shop until my…my heels broke… my arms started to ache with the weight of shopping bags etc. Ok! Enough of melodrama.

Any ways, I went to one of the malls last weekend and found myself digging clothes from a heap of so-called “fresh stock”. As I looked at the last piece of the short white linen shirt, my eyes start to gleam, I grinned from ear to ear, and my heart started to race. I ran towards the shirt and pounced on it before any one else could spot it. Aaaah!!! VICTORY!!! I held it close to my heart. My eyes filled with tears as I enjoyed that exhilarant moment.  I closed my eyes and thanked Almighty for finally blessing me.

It indeed is a high to buy those red heels you have been waiting to wear with your new red top, the latest shade of pink lip color that will make you pose like models who promote it, that little black dress on sale (a must have as declared by the fashion gurus)..Seems so tangible. The list is endless, so is the ecstasy. Phew!!

I rarely find girls who do not like to shop and men who do. It is a wonderful experience to shop with a man who likes it.

I often think that if at all I do the mistake of going to malls during a weekend, I will carry a picnic basket, some magazines, or even my laptop so that I can pass time as I stand in the queue in front of the trial room. Such a commotion during weekends is a big turn off.  However, for people like me who work from 9- (till the time bosses want us to); we really do not have much of a choice. Weekends are the only time we can shop. So be it SALE season or FRESH stock. God save us from the stampede!!.

I rarely find girls who do not like to shop and men who do. It is a wonderful experience to shop with a man who likes it. Such people do not get bored, do not nag you to hurry and love to explore. If you get lucky, they even pay for you wink! wink!!!

I am off to flaunt my latest shopping to my pals and I promise I am not thinking about the bill. If shopping is sin, I am the devil ;)

4 Responses to “Angel on Shopping”

  1. sumitNo Gravatar says:

    oh bugger!! i have no clue why, but i have been an invariable favourite for all the ladies i know when they used to go out shopping. n it has happened that while i wait for them i end up buying stuff, n generally would bill more than they would. simply hate these malls!!! money eating machines, all of them!!

  2. PratsNo Gravatar says:

    “I ran towards the shirt and pounced on it before any one else could spot it. Aaaah!!! VICTORY!!!”

    Reminds me of the One with Monica’s Wedding dress :-)

    Shopping is indeed a therapy… i totally agree… my type of shopping is very diff… Gen electronics/gadgets :-D

  3. vinniNo Gravatar says:

    Sumit: You are the ladies man! and I know how you end up shopping, the waiting time will be a lot! I assure you. i will never forget the time i went with my girl cause she wanted to buy lingerie! I waited for 3 hours and ended up shopping for around 3K. ROFL!
    Prats: Same here! i shop only for electronics and the funny thing is, no matter what it never seems enough!

  4. TwinkieNo Gravatar says:

    You and my hubby would ge talong perfectly. He LOVES to shop. I hate it. He does all our Christmas shopping, birthdays, etc. The only thing he’s not allowed to do is the grocery shopping. Because HE LOVES TO SHOP. Therefore he will come home with a bunch of CRAP FOOD and we still won’t have anything to make for dinner! LOL BUT We’ll have tons of yummy snacks! hahaha.

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