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While we all see the media hysteria on the racist attacks in Australia, one can’t help but wonder what could have led to this sudden outburst of hate against us. There are over 90000 Indian students in various programmes in Australia. I have quite a few friends there too.  With US and Europe turning a cold shoulder to Indians, I guess many are flocking to Australia.

Curries are what they are called, and its fiendish to read the racist comments on some of the user forums. Here are a few for a preview:

“I hate these curry munchers
I wish Pakistan would nuke them
Indians are racist fucks”

While the general contempt shown by Australians against Indians has been appalling, I couldn’t help but read up more on what Australians had to say. While higher education is a premium in Australia, many Indians have made inroads into their territory.

“Indians stink……..”

While adopting a wasteful lifestyle there, the general feeling is that Indians are brighter, and show no modesty in drilling down the fact. While most Australians claim, Indians can’t even speak English for nuts; I do tend to agree with them. Australia is after all the poor man’s Harvard.

“We don’t need bloody Indians here. Go back you smelly creatures…..”

I remember these racist attacks in Bangalore against north Indians. North Indians, while having moved to Bangalore refused to adapt to the local culture and looked at natives with contempt. Not having learnt Kannada after having been there for so many years. I was party to that group for a long time, till I learnt Kannada out of sheer desperation. While having taken up jobs and also coming in hordes for education; showing no regard for the people who are creating those opportunities were not taken lightly. The natives retaliated, although in an aggressive way. I guess it’s the same thing that goes back Down under.

Though I fully sympathize with the families and students who are bearing the brunt of violent attacks, I also wish we as Indians would introspect as well. A few hate crimes could be termed as incidental, but continued attacks with hate mails and blogs should make us wonder.

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  1. Very well said Vinni. It is important to make an effort to fit in. Respecting the local tradition, culture and showing regard for your hosts is extremely essential.
    One should indeed be introspective here. Language is the first thing that breaks barriers. So it i important to learn, if you don’t know, if you want to fit in and be accepted.

  2. PreetiNo Gravatar says:

    Jaisa Desh Waisa Bhesh

  3. Dr RoshanNo Gravatar says:

    We can never claim to be pure at heart ourselves… c’mon. Look at how we treat foreigners in our land. We fleece them, charge them triple the normal rates.. The only problem is now it’s getting really serious and we’re at the receiving end.
    I don’t know what started it.. but I’m really worried how its gonna end.. read last night that there was a retaliation attack ..”Indians attacking someone who taunted them”… ominous signs

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