A page from the diary of a sales guy


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The picture you see below is the first search result for ‘sales guy’ on google image search. Do try it.

Sales Guy?

Mondays are painful. The weekend tends to get over way too soon and Sunday nights are not relaxed. I start getting depressed about the new week ahead.

I woke up today at 845. The alarm was set for 7 am. I smoked two cigarettes just to wake myself up, and headed for a shower. I made myself a quick breakfast with corn flakes and some mangoes. I strolled into office at 1015; and boss called me for my funnel review. I knew it was not going to be nice.

“So what are closing this week?”
“That’s what you said week; and what about the ones you committed last month?”

Such questions have no answer to, and I went through with this for two hours. Each and every case in my funnel was drilled down to the bone. I needed a smoke after the two hour date.

“And come to office earlier from tomorrow!”

I then left to meet my customer at the university. There was a tender that was royally screwed up by a channel partner of ours. After the cleanup work, I was, I was back in office; trying to sort out the escalations at another customer location. The last 3 months, I have had my bandwidth choked because of one customer who can’t seem to get his enterprise hardware working. I am surprised such people are given money in crores to spend on IT. I am not complaining about the money, but I do wish they learnt a few basics of IT.

I rolled out the education bundles finally in the evening. I have a feeling they would click and we can get some money out of it too. It’s an interesting concept, where the college also makes money. Hows and whys, I could probably not share online.

I came back home at 8 PM, and made myself a drink; to write this first post in the series. Tomorrow is a new day, so let’s keep the cash register ringing shall we?

12 Responses to “A page from the diary of a sales guy”

  1. AngelismNo Gravatar says:

    Hee hee.. if the sales girl is like her..the company will beat the crap out of any other… :P

  2. vinniNo Gravatar says:

    with lecherous customers, god save her!

  3. HarsheyNo Gravatar says:

    The sales guy is personal again!

  4. vinniNo Gravatar says:

    u said it man! more stories are yet to come. just wait and watch.

  5. Charu ConsulNo Gravatar says:

    Great post. I actually went off to the google image page to check up. pheww!!! there are weird pics that follows it as well.

  6. vinniNo Gravatar says:

    Charu, LOL. google is really fucking it up eh!

  7. SouvikNo Gravatar says:

    Hope this is not Dept. of Biotech,UOH tender?

  8. SouvikNo Gravatar says:

    Yes but final order copy has reached Cache Peripherals who doesn’t thave any clue how it has arrived on their lap.

  9. RidhimaNo Gravatar says:

    Man look at those guys talks! No one talked abt the new Plan Vinni D pooh has! No one talked abt the amout of fagging Vinne does!, none commented about his choked bandwidth! :P
    Maybe the picture in turn did not allow them to read anything! IS that so?

  10. oops, did I just leave the same comment twice?

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