Tribute to Gascoin Man

This post is a tribute to the greatest urban legend, Gascoin man. I was talking to Rohan the other day and we were reliving all our school memories. Gascoin man, was something we created who used to spread joy with his farts and noxious burps. The crazy things we did to please our very own [...]

What i could use….

A lot of dreams we have are very relevant to what we say during the course of the day, the people we meet, and the incidents that leave an impression. As a sales guy, there is a lot of pressure I face each day, and live another day to talk about it.
Last night’s dream was [...]

A page from the diary of a sales guy

The picture you see below is the first search result for ’sales guy’ on google image search. Do try it.

Mondays are painful. The weekend tends to get over way too soon and Sunday nights are not relaxed. I start getting depressed about the new week ahead.
I woke up today at 845. The alarm was set [...]

Indian Curry

While we all see the media hysteria on the racist attacks in Australia, one can’t help but wonder what could have led to this sudden outburst of hate against us. There are over 90000 Indian students in various programmes in Australia. I have quite a few friends there too.  With US and Europe turning a [...]

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