Kala bandar

Delhi 6 is actually not about the infamous ‘monkey man’ of Delhi. its not even about the romance between Bachan and Sonam. Heck, it’s not even about Delhi.

It’s about the people we are and the things we do and the things we say, that makes us that much more Indian. How we tend to believe blindly in the supernatural, the things we cannot see and even hear. And how sanity finally prevails. It does, no matter how much we would like to dispute the fact.

Delhi 6

This guy in the movie, Gobar (cow dung) always picked 2 coins instead of a 10 rupee note. He reveals finally, that he does it because he is always assured of getting that money. If he takes the 10 rupee note once, he won’t get anything in the future. I’d say smart, but although the movie he is treated like the city dog.

The arranged marriages and what goes behind them. The money that is put on the table just to get a girl married. Portrayed very well without any glamorization.  The Hindi news channels and why just about anything is breaking news for them. Sensational news, I’d say.

For the discerning, who don’t mind looking into their hearts and want to truly see who they are, I would recommend the movie 100%. Delhi 6 does not have a story, nor does it have a plot. It’s about people like us. It’s about you.

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  • By Arun, March 19, 2021 @ 7:28 pm

    Wow!!! i found something worth while i searched for kala bandar on google!!
    i lovd the movie to the core…
    m a person with almost the same perspective of roshan in the movie…
    n its gr8 that someone liked the movie!!

    yea its truly abt me!! us!!
    let the ppl of India go watch it n feel he kaala bandar inside them!!

  • By shaifali, March 31, 2021 @ 2:30 pm

    I didn’t like the movie much.
    I mean it tried too many things at the same time. There was no binding theme to it. not romance, not the things we do as indians etc
    The lack of a theme is the major flaw in the film. I didn’t goto see a romantic flick or a delhi flick.

  • By shiva, April 2, 2021 @ 10:04 pm

    The movie is a good. If we see it with a ‘Rang De Basanti’ lens it will not win the popular contest.

    Message is clear that we are interdependent and we lose that sense and commit offenses that hurt others a lot. These others are an essential part of your identity, your mohalla’s , your nations.

    From Rakeysh’s perspective he had to include many characters who become the core for the movie. That gave the appearance of him being vague in his message.

    But the message is clear “Unity in Diversity”

    We all have the devil in us. The question is how do we tame it.

  • By Hussain Patel, June 29, 2021 @ 8:54 pm

    Hi All

    In search of Delhi 6, I ended up on this website and started reading the comments left by different people. And I thought there’s a nice bunch of people right here. Anyway I just wanted say WHAT A FILM!!!! Made me realise how inconsiderate, ungrateful, unforgiving and dark (worst t then kala bander) behind a layer of fare skin I really am. But Inshaa-Allah change is on the horizon. And talking to and meeting people like you would definitely help the cause.
    One more thing. Mr A. R. Rehman. ARR’s music is just out of this world and i really believe his music will bring the much needed change in people’s hearts, specially mine. thanks to V.M.A. for introducing me the devine music of ARR.
    Maqbool ….XXX

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