Catches, Condoms and Commitment


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A for apple… B for ball… C for…cat… also Commitment… Catches… Condoms… So the more I have known the human race, the more these words have intrigued me. I know I have a long way to go… but what the heck! I don’t mind sharing what I have learnt so far. 

Catches - Makes men run towards them. Especially if there’s a cricket match between India and Pak and an easy catch is missed. We might lose the match and it means a HELL lot to the entire nation!! It makes the adrenaline rush to all the parts of the body.
A hot babe at the work place, the doll in your coll, or just the next door neighbour. If she is in your arms, that’s one hell of a catch!


  • If it itches, we scratch the catch. Live with it. 
  • When the live cricket matches in on, we prefer to be left untouched and undisturbed. Would really appreciate if you scratch our backs once in while we adjust our butts in the right place. 
  • We still think Mallika Sherawat is a good catch and she has a better bust than you. Accept it, or get implants.

Condoms - Someone I know says that condoms are the best invention ever! Well said my friend. A MUST have for all the SAFE reasons. “Flavours” and “types”, these terms seem relevant once you start using it.
Your database about sex, condoms and positions gets updated frequently. You become a member of the elite group “WE DO IT”. You take a peek at the row of condoms kept in the top shelf of a famous store. The Condom ads don’t embarrass you anymore. You smile to yourself after seeing the ad of particular brand, and think, “I know it’s not that good”.
For all the pleasure which has no measure.


  • We don’t like to use condoms, as a contraceptive. If you think we have AIDS, find another mate.
  • No, we don’t like the condom ringtone. (
  • Flavoured condoms? Curse the guy who never takes a bath. 
  • We do fantasize about porn actresses.

Commitment - This one is the most controversial words ever. If you stick to it, you might get hurt. If you don’t, then too you can land yourself in trouble. What makes people get into a commitment?
An assurance. ?
The idea of being with one person?
Just love?
What makes people run away from commitment?
I guess the same.

I guess people miss out on a very important factor called assurance. Sometime assurance acts as first level to commitment. A very dicey stage. If people can handle it, there is nothing better than that.
I feel most of us are not able to differentiate between an assurance and a commitment. According to me, assurance plays a vital role. Sometimes it becomes more important than commitment. It can be a small straw that can help the ant sail through the stream of water.

Most of the people I meet are usually scared or shy of commitment. They have given me the most logical, and at the same time, the weirdest reasons.
“So, I like this girl since childhood but not sure if she is the one.”!!
“It’s too early to decide” 
“I am just a 30 year old woman… I can’t commit”
“I love you a lot but my alter ego does not allow me to commit”!  I won’t be surprised if I actually hear this one someday.

I have also met girls, who kept bumping in to guys who wanted to commit the first time they met. Give the poor soul some space to breathe!!!
I have been through the situation where I did not want to commit. Not because I was scared of it, but because I was not ready for it. I guess I needed my space. Once that phase (really short) passed, I was back to be where I am most comfortable, being committed. (That does not mean I am a relationship addict) Anyways, for me, what was a short span of time is actually how some people live a large part of their life.
I am slightly biased towards people who can commit, are loyal and dedicated in a relationship. 


  • We’d rather have the dog committed to us, it doesn’t nag or shop.
  • We are also committed to oogling at the chick showing her hot cleave.
  • For a change, we’d like to be asked out by a girl for a change. Yeah, we suck. But only the good things.

Vinni certainly made HIS point!! I am really keen to read what the rest of you have to say about this. So go on, talk about the catch you missed or did not. Your physic about commitment. I am sure you have a lot to speak about condoms. :D

31 Responses to “Catches, Condoms and Commitment”

  1. AmitNo Gravatar says:

    A very interesting read !!
    Now I have 3 words which I will always remember when the letter “C” is mentioned !!

  2. AngelismNo Gravatar says:

    A spl note of tx to Mr Date. Tx for showing me a different side of love, commitment et al.. Your perception about nitty gritty of things around us has inspired me to write this article!!

  3. BhavyaNo Gravatar says:

    Hey Vinny,

    Why did this 3 C Words attracted u the most?
    Why didn’t u think of the following words?

    Character: Which every person looks out in his Better-half
    Crush: Which every one had, has and will have.
    Condition: On all products and offers (Conditions applied *).
    Camp: Crowd of Crazy people sharing knowledge free of cost
    All full of C’s….. :-)

  4. BCWNo Gravatar says:

    Welcome back Angel! Your post shows maturity and sensitivity as usual (and vinni’s comments show the lack thereof. will comment on that separately) I thought the bit on commitment was especially good, considering most ppl think its abt marriage or moving in or whatever. its abt making the other person feel valued and special, and not like a product on trial. Atta Girl!

  5. AngelismNo Gravatar says:

    @ BCW - Thanks a bunch for your comments !!! Means a lot coming from an observant person like you.
    I hope it will beat some sense in to ppl who hold themselves back from commitment or just rush in to it..

  6. AngelismNo Gravatar says:

    @ Bhavya - I wish this question was asked to me as Vinni can never write an article(good one ofcourse) like this ;)
    @Vinni - Some of the readers still feel that Angelism is your alter ego.

  7. SacyNo Gravatar says:

    Well written angel. Really loved what u have written. Ur analysis abt 3 C is amazing ;) .

    Catch - I truly understand what having A hot babe at the work place ;) u know i got one hell of a catch!;)

    Condom - Truly agree with u, Its the best invention by human ever! HAIL the person. (GOD has made lot better stuff thou ;) )

    Commitment - Everything comes with time. Too much of commitment too soon can make life monotonous and boring. Give it its own time to nourish. committed or not committed, enjoy life. Thats what matters most :) .

  8. SacyNo Gravatar says:

    And abt being asked out by a girl for a change, the guy first need to be prepared for “Other way round ;) ” in all aspects before expecting this change.

  9. SacyNo Gravatar says:

    And thnks angel for spl note :)

  10. AngelNo Gravatar says:

    @Vinni - I am sure you have read the “Other Way Round”. There are gals who DO ASK BOYS for a date ;) You are yet to find one such gal i guess.

  11. SacyNo Gravatar says:

    For people who hv not got an opportunity to use a Condom ;) , U’ll never understand it’s importance ;)

  12. apocalypseNo Gravatar says:

    From a 13 year old hugging his girl in the corridor to condoms… thats a one little step for vinni and a giant leap for mankind… I’m not gonna bullcrap u with character and commitment, when it comes to C, all I could think abt his chicks and chicken[fried ones)…:-)

  13. vinniNo Gravatar says:

    apocalypse: i was not hugging, i was kissing!
    and this is angel’s story! i am the one who is realistic about life! :)
    sacy: i know who u are! no mushy mushy on my blog!

  14. GauravNo Gravatar says:

    the nuance between assurance n commitment is written quite well but m still quite afraid of commitment ;)

  15. AngelismNo Gravatar says:

    @Apocalypse - I am not Vinni.
    But i agree Chicken is worth more than just a thought…

  16. RiaNo Gravatar says:

    “Let’s put the table to better use”
    Caught in a mag. ;A Commitment by a popular..Condom.
    CreZendo ..(by
    The excuses will stop.The reasons will begin.Thanks to Crezendo that promises to take your sex life to new heights!Restart your sex life :)
    Gal!U got the C’s right..All the best for the O’s ;)

  17. AngelismNo Gravatar says:

    @ Ria - Well said.. as usual ;) … i am sure the Ooooo Aaahhhss will be beyond imagination…

  18. AngelismNo Gravatar says:

    @Gaurav. I am glad that the thin line between assurance and commitment was observed and appreciated by some one.. I am glad that you are honest.. ;)

  19. BCWNo Gravatar says:

    @ people: for the last time, vinni doesn’t write stuff like this, what with him being a ‘typical guy’ (see how much he tries to establish himself as the spokesperson for guys or… is it the royal ‘we’?); so realistic, his preferences are Mallika Sherawat, porn actresses and dogs, in that order!?!

  20. vinniNo Gravatar says:

    :) now you know why i love you so much BCW! i really do love you.

  21. crasieztNo Gravatar says:

    Catches give us a reason to live..condoms make sure there isn’t too much competition..commitment is just plain freaky!

  22. VinniNo Gravatar says:

    by the way angel, we are getting too carried away with the oooooohs and the aaaaaahhs! ;)
    sacy is reading it of course!

  23. Dude seriously, what got into you when you wrote this post?

  24. vinniNo Gravatar says:

    for the last time people, please read the author name!

  25. Catch22No Gravatar says:

    Someone I know,read your blog and had a question for u!If you are ‘committed’ to your musings,here is a ‘catch’ for u!
    “There are 2 ‘condoms’,2 guys and 2 gals. All four wanna have the “SAFE” pleasure of O’s.with each other.Total four O’s” How?

  26. vinniNo Gravatar says:

    ria, so basically each one is doing the other? welcome to the world of kink!

  27. AngelismNo Gravatar says:

    @Shailesh - Please dont give the “credit” to Vinni.. We both are DIFFERENT individuals.

  28. shaifaliNo Gravatar says:

    nice post!
    and a pretty interesting perspective on all the 3 Cs :P how men think!

  29. vinniNo Gravatar says:

    how men think! its how we think, and still u cant live without us! :P

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