The 10th board results were to be announced in a few minutes. I knew I had given it a good shot, but I could never be too sure. All through school, I had been a 60% kind of a guy. The website as usual conked, and I was trying for the last 2 hours. It [...]

Catches, Condoms and Commitment

A for apple… B for ball… C for…cat… also Commitment… Catches… Condoms… So the more I have known the human race, the more these words have intrigued me. I know I have a long way to go… but what the heck! I don’t mind sharing what I have learnt so far. 
Catches - Makes men [...]


I did mention Mushy B**ch Consultant Writing - but i intended this one to be Mills & Boons Consultant Writing.
While Vinni@13 was busy having a 6 month romance, BCW@13 had only theoretical knowledge - having read all the Mills & Boons Romances in this world, probably more…
At significantly older than 13, I surprise myself by [...]

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