11 Simple rules of the house

Rule 1: There is a designated smoking area.

Smoking Area

Rule 2: The floor is wet at times.The red cone shows where it is.

wet floor

Rule 3: We have business tie ups.

no children allowed

Rule 4: Listen to the bartender

bar rules


Rule 5: Service policy

Service policy

Rule 6: Please don’t pollute the air.

no farting

Rule 7: You can only pose here for a photograph.


Rule 8: Some places are not for entry

no entry

Rule 9: That’s how we recommend the use of the toilet.


Rule 10: That’s how we say ‘Bye’. Live with it.


Rule 11: Its OUR house.

our house

4 Responses

  1. barathNo Gravatar Says:

    Hey Merry christmas Vinni…

    And is that the place you live, by any chance???

    New year wishes…

    Loved it! ROTFL…

  2. shaifaliNo Gravatar Says:

    whattey fun post man!
    and i love the wall! love it!

  3. VinniNo Gravatar Says:

    barathm, yes this is my place! :) we have now started charging visitors. free entry for girls.

  4. AparajitaNo Gravatar Says:

    The rules, they are hilarious and so like you…. Nice place you have there!!! Not too many girls visit you though, do they?? :-)

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