Rain and a sweater


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The girl’s hostel was a few miles away from our campus. So whenever we had to meet them, we had to drive all the way there, pick them up and head places.

One evening, a plan just happened and I was heading for a dinner date. It was a nice quiet dinner we had over candle light. I had been saving money for something like this. it was the perfect date.


We reached her hostel at around 9 PM. That was the curfew limit. I sometimes used to wonder how they managed with a life like that. It was already drizzling on our way back, and by now it had started pouring. I had given her my jacket to keep her warm while she snuggled herself behind me on the bike.

I realized a jacket would be no good in a rain like that. I needed something more like a shield. This is when she offered me her sweater. In a jiffy, she went upstairs and got it for me.

It was red and yellow with lots of flowers. It was small, and it reached somewhere just above my tummy. She patted my tummy and gave me a hug.

“Bye”, I said and walked towards my bike. She was looking my way, and I was wondering if I should go back and kiss her. For a 19 year old, I really did not have the balls. Even now when I think about it, I don’t think she would have resisted had I kissed her.

I felt like kicking myself as I kick started my trusty old Shogun, and sped away. I was hoping she would SMS and tell me to come back. No SMS came, and I was only getting more drenched by the minute. With nothing more than a sweater (her’s) and my jacket I reached my hostel. It was a long 6 mile drive.

I reached hostel and zipped the jacket to my neck, avoiding everyone. I wouldn’t want to be seen dead wearing the girl’s sweater. No chance!

I dried myself, and look a good hard look at the sweater. It was by all means a girly sweater. There were a few bunnies by the sleeve, red flowers and was soft as can be. Don’t know why, I just picked it up and smelt it. That’s when I realized, some girls are pretty, some are cute, some are sweet and some just smell great. I had a good sleep that day with the sweater under my head, while it intoxicated my senses. 

Good night babe, maybe I’ll kiss you some other day! I guess I’ll just have to wait!

26 Responses to “Rain and a sweater”

  1. SandhyaNo Gravatar says:

    Dude!! Come on.. Dun tel me she never smsd.. or u dint even try to sms her.. GUYS I KNOW ARE NOT LIKE THAT!!! Plsss… write the rest.. wat happened the next day. U still have her sweater??? :P .. U can meet her on the pretext of giving the sweater and complete the kissing formality :P .. Awesome post.. Full of emotions… Keep writing it.. AS GOOD AS IT GETS ;-)

  2. vinniNo Gravatar says:

    this happened 5 years back, and yes i still have the sweater. the rest i leave it to everyone’s imagination. :) its not relevant to the story here.

  3. SandhyaNo Gravatar says:

    sob.. u have disappointed me.. and hw old were u 5 years back :P

  4. PratsNo Gravatar says:

    Dude, you kidding me… You still have that sweater and you didn’t even kissed her yet…Unbelievable.

    But you are better writing emotional posts… This genre really rocks on your blog…

  5. PreetiNo Gravatar says:

    Wow, I agree, this genre suits your very much. I am sure a lot of your friends never saw this side of you :)

    And you know, you are starting to slowly spilling all the beans. The blog is starting to get more and more personal. :)

  6. VinniNo Gravatar says:

    sandhya: you just have to keep visiting my blog often! maybe, i’ll write more about her and the sweater!

    prats: i write all genres, maybe i am writing this one best right now! :)

    preeti: don’t keep your hopes too high, SDK will return! maybe i’ll even write about you. :)

  7. i once had a bf who made me spray my perfume on his pillow, so that he could have “intoxicating dreams” when I wasn’t around! ;)

  8. Just so cute…. my first date ended on a beautifull note too.. i hoped he will msg but he called… Gosh i am lucky or what!!!

  9. TrailblazerNo Gravatar says:

    Ha ha. Well expressed. I can feel your emotions.

  10. megcloud9No Gravatar says:

    awesome :) our vinni’s gotten all mushy :P

  11. vinniNo Gravatar says:

    megs! your vinni has not got all mushy, he is only writing mushy stuff right. its that time of the year you know! people read only this.

  12. PsNo Gravatar says:

    Awwww..Vinni!Such a sweet and honest post! Loved it!
    Sense of smell is very imp for me too :)

  13. GayatriNo Gravatar says:

    superb man! You should start like a mush registry or something i say.
    I want to read more stuff that makes me go awww due to current frame of mind :-) :-)

  14. VinniNo Gravatar says:

    lady, with ur current frame of mind u ought to be reading stories of bachelor parties.

  15. The BCWNo Gravatar says:

    He still has hopes of kissing that girl! u know, unlike 19 year old guys, 19 year old girls actually grow up… har-har!

    There there, why wud i go and spoil the mushiness u r spreading these days? good post vinni! i can almost see the sweater and the look on ur face waiting for an sms. proud of you!

  16. PoornimaNo Gravatar says:

    agree with BCW in that your post brings your memories alive in front of the reader’s eyes. as for the rest, i guess she is just being the B of BCW.

    well done vinni!

  17. VinniNo Gravatar says:

    BCW, Poornima: Ahem!

  18. shaifaliNo Gravatar says:

    well written as usual..
    kiss some other day? still in touch..then maybe :P

  19. shaifaliNo Gravatar says:

    and why is thr a sad foto for my name!

  20. NishanthNo Gravatar says:

    ” I guess I’ll just have to wait!”

    Wat are you waitin for bro?…
    Go get her ;) .

    BTW nice post .. :)

  21. VinniNo Gravatar says:

    shaifali: it was more than 4 years back. lost touch long time back.
    nishant: its been 4 years now. too late go get her!

  22. barathNo Gravatar says:

    Lovely story!!!!

    Does that mean sth more here! and do u still have the sweater with u !!!

  23. rahulNo Gravatar says:

    nice read vinni…btw what happened to the sweater?

  24. I have a strong urge to leave my comments here if you know me well, but I shall refrain!

  25. vinniNo Gravatar says:

    barath: yeah i still have the sweater!
    rahul: its with me.
    shailesh: wat do u want to really comment? :P

  26. MeghanaNo Gravatar says:

    hmmm I’ve done that before. Slept on a pillow that I had lent to someone I had a crush on….He smelled just heavenly.
    Well written…not too much information given, but just enough.It’s a tease, it’s perfect.
    Are you still in touch with her?

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