Beauty and the dork


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Let’s be honest. I was not the most sought after guy in school. I was the average guy, with large plastic spectacles, and a hairstyle like the good boys we see in movies. Neatly combed with coconut oil, and dripping wet.

For a dork like me, that I landed with the hottest chick in school surprised me. I don’t get it still. For some reason, we always hid it from people. They would have made too big a deal of it; and I was seriously ill prepared to handle the taunts. We used to go behind the school grounds to usually talk in the lunch breaks.


Like all thirteen year olds I was a jerk, and knew nothing about what one had to say to girls. My idea of a romantic conversation was usually talking about how much hot she looked or just repeating ‘I love you’, till my throat turned dry.

So while the dork of the school was dating the hotie, there were talks of other guys trying to ask her out. All seniors. It was an alarm bell. I was a nobody, and seniors were guys who drove big cars, got bikes to school and had fully loaded wallets. I was a 13 year old who still wore elastic pants with a miniscule pocket money.

So while all the seniors tried their luck on my girl, I had resigned myself to the fate. The end was near. She would soon leave me for a senior who could drive her around and talk romantically. Maybe her parents would also approve. We hardly spoke for the following week, and I avoided the sight of her. Not to mention the phone calls I never answered.

One day while I was walking down the lonely corridor on the top floor, she cornered me. But that was not it; her friends were also with her. They had all surrounded me. Imagine a 13 year old surrounded by 10 girls. I also almost crapped in my pants, while they were shooting questions at me. It was not fair!

She was quiet all the while, but just came forward and gave me a hug. She just asked why. She was entitled for an answer for it. I blurted it out like a kid, just caught stealing cookies.

“Stupid! Why would I leave you for someone else? It’s you I like, not them; I like you for who you are, no matter how dorky you are. And you can continue acting like a jerk, but I am not going to give up on you so easily”

In a relationship that lasted some 6 months, there was only one thing I learnt.

20 Responses to “Beauty and the dork”

  1. at thirteen! … which school were u in?!!

  2. PratsNo Gravatar says:

    Oh Man, I know exactly what your are talking about. That was so sweet of her. What happened after 6 months??

    by the way first one at 13 not bad at all man…Quite an early starter you are…

  3. barathNo Gravatar says:

    Yeah!!! The super kid… you are great u know… Here after a long time… missed a few posta of yours.. dont worry!! will fill in soon…

  4. JayNo Gravatar says:

    Good shit lil vinni!!

  5. shaifaliNo Gravatar says:

    13? heh..i was still in the guys are so dumb mode back then!
    which school is this :P

  6. shaifaliNo Gravatar says:

    and change tht foto NOW!

  7. VinniNo Gravatar says:

    i am not telling which school i was in. it had nothing to do with it!
    prats: i think we both gave up on each other after 6 months. LOL
    jay: thanks for the first comment on my blog
    shaifali: the picture stays!

  8. megcloud9No Gravatar says:

    someone ‘s going back to a lot of memories —all love attempts ! first the sweater now this !

  9. VinniNo Gravatar says:

    :) well its the flavor of the season! you wont deny it either!

  10. GayatriNo Gravatar says:

    13? At 13 you knew enough about competition and dorkiness anol?? I’m fullto amazed, i say :-)
    I had my first crush when i was in class 11!

  11. VinniNo Gravatar says:

    13 yes. i was a crazy kid. super duper kid! class 11! u were a geek or what!

  12. The BCWNo Gravatar says:

    Ooh! its raining girls in vinni’s world.

    when will it rain men in BCW’s world? then i can be an MBCW - mushy b**ch consultant writing ;-)

  13. The BCWNo Gravatar says:

    …good shit? (ref: comment #4)

  14. MeghnaNo Gravatar says:

    wow…..u wer my age….very cute relationship!!!!!!

  15. vinniNo Gravatar says:

    meghna: you stay away from boys like me, we only look innocent! :)
    BCW: a bitch u are.

  16. 6 months! You never cease to impress me. :D

  17. AdityaNo Gravatar says:

    Haha! I know who this one is about!

  18. vinniNo Gravatar says:

    adit, ur guess is right. but this is a fictional episode. ;) and she got married by the way!

  19. Sowmya HSNo Gravatar says:

    And what was that you learnt???…

    BTW, I Learnt about you from Anu… :-)
    Will read your other posts too…

  20. VinniNo Gravatar says:

    hi saumya, so what did anu educate you about me? please stay away!

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