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Trust me people, my life is not exciting enough to be posted on a blog and I do not want to list why, how, when etc…

Anyhow, there are certain things that add adventure to my routine life. Things, that I have not seen many gals do and “conventionally” are not expected to do.

No! This is not a sexist post from me. Not another one… ;)

So, I have done few crazy and adventurous things… and do not want to list them here right now. However, I did this very exciting thing recently. We, (my date and me) decided to go for a ride. Thanks to the awesome Bangalore weather. As he took out his bike, I said, “Hey let us take my bike”. Now the whole idea of testing my light, girly vehicle seemed quite amusing to him and kick ass to (I- will-show-my-bike to him) me. I was little nervous riding the bike with a guy behind me (Yes u guessed it right, I seldom do it.)  Especially, as he was the man of the evening.

An ideal Date

It was also about proving a MAN that women are not bad riders.

Therefore, for the rest of the evening, he was my guide. Very rarely I let the man lead, and this was one of them ;) .

We started our ride. The wind after the rain is always so soothing. We went on and on and on… He troubled me big time by banging his head slightly on my helmet… went on doing it especially because he knew it annoyed me. . I tired to hit him every now and then a price he had to pay for annoying me… However, I failed every time. I guess multi tasking does not work every time ;) . It was fun to explore new roads. There was always a slight apprehension of the rains holding us back from riding. After riding for around 45 minutes, we decided to head back. I so badly wanted the date not to end… but well… ending this date meant planning for a new one ;) .

Thanks a lot Mr. Date !!! ;)

I have tried my best to avoid doing things I conventionally do not believe in.

Thanks to all the men who have understood me and co-operated :) .

The guy paying on a date

I hate the funda of men always paying on a date. Once in a while it is ok. I feel its good to go Dutch or take turns to treat each other.. I practice it and  I love to pay on my date. After all, the guys do need a break :)

The guy always picking  you and dropping you back

I take pride in taking my 59.9 cc- 2 stroke- single-cylinder-vehicle. Drives and rides have their own importance and thrill. However, it is still good to be on your own at times. (Also, way you can avoid sitting behind your nemesis ;)

The guy bringing a gift on the date.

I have loved surprising my man with an unexpected gift. The look on his face is priceless. Be it chocolates, a CD, his favorite magazine or any thing else, trust me it is always worth it!!!

Playing the damsel in distress

Ok girls! So, start taking responsibilities for your actions! If you throw your self in an uncomfortable situation. You deserve a tight slap! Do not forget your dude is also a human being. So stop expecting him to be Superman and help u every time u put your self in a SITUATION!

I am sure you all have something to share too.. So go ahead and let me know what you like to do the other way round.

21 Responses to “The other way round”

  1. vinniNo Gravatar says:

    angel, i’ll keep all those things in mind. now will u please go out with me?

  2. vinniNo Gravatar says:

    i’ll even buy you the best chocolates. ok?

  3. VinniNo Gravatar says:

    and who is this date of yours? huh?

  4. AngelismNo Gravatar says:

    First, tx for putting my post.
    Second, i always love the pics you put in the posts.
    Third, to even meet you and say a hi, u need to come to Blore.

  5. KaushikNo Gravatar says:

    Nice post. I’m pretty sure this post is quite autobiographical ;)
    And hey, mebbe its time for a new bike!! Give that old soul a rest! :P

  6. VinniNo Gravatar says:

    that’s what is bothering me. :( it sounds very autobiographical.

  7. AngelismNo Gravatar says:

    @Kaushik - Tx buddy. You know I love writing about real life scenarios ;) .
    You have no clue how fit and charming my Scooty is… So no matter what… i am sticking to it.

  8. souNo Gravatar says:

    but.. u r underestimating the laziness factor.. i mean.. if a guy wants to ride and do nice things for you.. let him na..

    i loved the pic.. hope the “date” reads this.. wanna know what he thinks of vinni’s mental image of him


  9. GauravNo Gravatar says:

    keewl post like the concept of guys nt paying for the date…..hope all ya gals are listening…..:P

    n i agree with kaushik…..please give the poor thng sm respite ;)

  10. Mr DateNo Gravatar says:

    This seems to be half the story, wonder where the roles got chopped ;) .

    The other way round is really gr8 fun.
    As angle said abt it “so badly wanted the date not to end”. Felt the same 

  11. Mr DateNo Gravatar says:

    Taking the conversation further, would like to comment on first 2 points

    # Guy paying on a date: I feel if guy calls gal for date, he should pay, if its other way round, gals should ;) .
    # Pick up and drop : when u want to take pride in taking your 59.9 cc- 2 stroke- single-cylinder-vehicle, u pick me up. There is always the other way round.

  12. Mr DateNo Gravatar says:

    @ vinni – seeing the pic , seem like u know angel’s choice 2 well. Even the bouquet has her fav flowers man :P .

    @ sou – guys can do nice things for you sitting behind too. Don underestimate the power of freedom ;) .

  13. AngelNo Gravatar says:

    @Mr Date - thanks a lot for your comments. :)

  14. Mr DateNo Gravatar says:

    abt the bike- i am in love with her and i know she loves me 2 ;)
    @Angel- don even think abt changing her :) its in super cool condition.

  15. VinniNo Gravatar says:

    mr. date one more comment on how much you love angel and u are banished!

  16. AngelismNo Gravatar says:

    Don’t worry Vinni he loves my bike and not me!!!! so let both of them be in peace together :)

  17. The BCWNo Gravatar says:

    @Angel: Since you ask so nice (ref: last line of the post), here is my ‘other way round’ experience. My ‘click’ is gonna be embarrassed, but then I do embarrass him most of the time!

    I once rescued my dude in distress, carried him (alright, dragged his sorry ass), bloodied and bruised after drunken driving. Only because I was sorry for him when he said, he had to drown the misery of missing life’s last college tour. Of course, if he had gone for the tour, he would have been drinking to ‘celebrate’ life’s last college tour, but I let that pass. After all, we were never going to be 20 again…

  18. barathNo Gravatar says:

    Hey cool! 22 and still not on a date.
    well write something like 101 tips on dating for dumbos/amateurs…

    How to woo your girl on your first date

  19. AshwinNo Gravatar says:

    Good post, although you could have written much more.

  20. AngelismNo Gravatar says:

    @Ashwin - My dating journey has just begun so i will update this post soon ;)

  21. vinniNo Gravatar says:

    so where is the new post! angel has disappeared!

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