Mad Miranda

Yes! The name is inspired from ‘The Devil wears Prada’. I don’t think much of the book or the movie, but when I saw Miranda on screen, I thought, “There she is!!!” – ‘She’ runs the firm that I work for; also tries to run my life whenever possible.
Everyone will have at least one bad [...]

The 4 Cs of Consulting – Part I

It may not be the McKinsey way of consulting, but it’s definitely worked for me. Here goes…the first C!
CYA (Cover Your A**): This is in fact a universal principle to be followed by any human being working for any other human being, since the nature of the beast is to find someone to blame, whenever [...]

The other way round

Trust me people, my life is not exciting enough to be posted on a blog and I do not want to list why, how, when etc…
Anyhow, there are certain things that add adventure to my routine life. Things, that I have not seen many gals do and “conventionally” are not expected to do.
No! This is [...]


So me and Softie sat in the balcony of my sea facing house. We met after a long time and had a lot to catch up. I guess that is the most obvious thing women do when they meet . After talking about our tiny tots, the last gift given by our hubbies, how good [...]

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