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These are one hundred percent original. Feel free to forward this to your friends.


“Damn! I am so thirsty, and there is no water. Let me just drink the old sugarcane juice lying around somewhere”.


“This weird thing under the cow’s belly let me try pulling at it, just for fun. Just to see what happens”.


“Gee, this bird on two legs looks like something I can eat”.


“This leaf looks funny, lemme see what happens if I burn it. And perhaps even roll it up and put it in my mouth. Maybe it might look good on me”.


Woman: “God! I want to do away with all the trouble and just lay an egg”.
God: “Lazy woman! From now on, you will lay an egg but will carry it for nine months!”


“What’s this thing hanging between my legs, maybe I can poke it into her. That looks like some space it could use”


“Hey this is something I know! Maybe I’ll write it on this leaf, so my future generations can suffer the plight of going through it”.


“My ass stinks after I take this brown colored load off me. Let me try wiping it and then washing it off with this transparent looking thing down the lake”.


“Heck! A dick is a dick; I might as well make some money off it while it’s in”.


“I’ll make this place and call it a school and dump all the children in the village there. Then I can meticulously brainwash them to A-B-Cs. MUHAAAHAAHAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!”.


“Hey, he seems like an interesting character from what I read in the story. Let me imagine what he looks like, make a statue and worship him”.


“Duh……I wonder what 1 + 1 could be.”


“I need to spend some money, and perhaps raise some taxes. And I like his daughter. Another fine addition to my collection I say!”

:: Life in 360 ::

“Hmmmm. Now what is the best way spend some time in class while i am learning nothing”.

17 Responses to “Inventions”

  1. HarishNo Gravatar says:

    The prostitution man got me laffin till my belly ached!!!
    good one bro…

  2. PsNo Gravatar says:

    The prostituion one was really really good..Indeed Why not!! heh heh :-)

  3. PratsNo Gravatar says:

    Too Good…..

    My two cents on this….

    Ogling: Let me stare her towards the chest for a minute…She gave bad stares …Lets do it again.

  4. MeghaNo Gravatar says:

    and you did it again! that was hilarious!! The alcohol, tobacco and chicken in aprticular are so u!!! LOL :-) cheers vinni for making this a fun read!

  5. AshwinNo Gravatar says:

    Nice work, originality and humour at it’s primitive best!

  6. vinniNo Gravatar says:

    :) expect more from me! the old vinni is back! back with a bang, and back in my winning ways. wont let circumstances get the better of me! here to fight it out, what better way than humour!

  7. BlackhatseoNo Gravatar says:

    Added. Nice work on this one. Btw, my blog is dofollow, stop by and grab a link. Walter

  8. awesome post….was in absolute splits…also did some free publicity by sendin ur blog link to a couple of my friends for a good laugh :)

  9. lassysNo Gravatar says:

    Uproariously funny stuff coming from the most idiotic chap (but endearingly so) I’ve known.
    Good going Vin!

  10. vinniNo Gravatar says:

    why not send it across to friends, you can do it right from my blog!

  11. barathNo Gravatar says:

    That was very hilarious!! esp the sex and the prostitution!!
    dropping here after a long time! glad to know that the old vinni is back


  12. MeghanaNo Gravatar says:

    Hehehehehe. Nice.. very funny. Although I have a feeling that alcohol probably came out of barley or rice first. I could be wrong though.

  13. vinniNo Gravatar says:

    good to have you back on my blog meghana! i was almost missing you! :)

  14. WHAT LUCK! I I came across this site on google. this is really great stuff! I have added your site to my faves. I will be back!

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