The Open Door

Sometimes I think its pushing things too far. Heard about this thing called the open door? Its one thing I really like here in HP. There are no doors, none except other than the main entrance door where we flash our dog collars. What else do you call them?
Life’s an open book here; you should [...]

Fish, Chips and Coffee

Vanilla and chocolate sauce is the most favorite combination amongst masses. They taste the best when one is frozen and other is hot. They complement each other just right.
One is the perfect flavor of simplicity and the other, is devoured, passion, and the perfect sin!!
Opposites and ironies are the food for thought. They make our [...]


Life plays as a mystery
I thought I knew it all
The ride was going to be smooth
It fooled me again, that’s all
Memories of a distant place,
Tender love in my heart
I dream of tomorrow,
But I am scared of another fall
Beginning of a new day,
Made stronger by the failure
I will try again
Only to fly even higher
Written by Preeti [...]

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