Life of a Salesman

When I say, SALESMAN; what comes to your mind first? These are what you would imagine him as. Right?  

A pesky door to door salesman (selling soap?)
A smart boy in a tie and suit (again at your door, the Eureka Forbes kinds?)
The boys outside banks, trying to sell credit cards
Tele marketers (“I am calling from HDFC [...]

Angel Strikes Back!

This might seem an act of revenge coming from a 23 year old that has some authority on this subject matter and hence I will go ahead with it. These are personal observations along with some universal facts. Please do not think I am feminist, I am just trying to kick a&* of an MCP! [...]

The Kid in Us

I haven’t shaved for a month now and have a thick beard. It’s not the sexiest of sights; I don’t want to shave it either. It keeps reminding me of what I have grown up into. Notice the choice of words.

I was browsing through some of the old family snaps, and I can’t believe, it [...]

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