Why women like men


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These might seem very bull, very very bull coming from a 23 year old who has no authority on this subject matter but I’ll go ahead anyway. These are just personal observations, and do not involve any kind of research whatsoever. Please don’t think I am sexist, I am just trying to be a male chauvinist pig.

Man and Woman

Why do women end up liking some men? I mean a guy meets girl, why does the girl fall for him? Love happens? Ha! Even if you do agree, why does it? The way I look at it, you can break it down into a few categories.

They fall in love with the faults. Yes. Ever wondered why a dork of a guy has Ms. Universe for a girl friend? It’s because he has too many flaws. When there are so many flaws, there is a lot to work on. And when there is so much to work on, there is a lot of scope for improvement. And nothing keeps a woman more occupied than trying to point out his mistakes and working on them like her own. True love forever, because the flaws never cease to exist.

They don’t have a choice (read: Arranged Marriage). Your folks have found someone for you, what’s the best thing to do? Fall in love. Eloping happens in movies, arranged marriage is reality.

Arranged Marriage

They fall for the money. I can already smell the fumes here. Most girls would rather die than to admit to this. It happens in movies, it happens in real life too. The best way for a girl to evade this fact is by letting her folks look for a rich little boy with a big pocket. Problem solved. You love the money, you love the man.

They like power. Power attracts women and more power attracts more women. (Now, I can sense some serious furor). Men in power like bosses, leaders, actors, local influencers, and even class prefects all attract women. Why? There is a huge potential for personal gain. Men in power also have a great tendency to have a great hold on the relationship. It saves work for the woman.

Power or Age?
Power or Age?

Older age. Older men attract younger women. Well it’s the perceived sense of maturity among older men that probably attracts.

For want of better things to do. Bored? Need someone to pamper you silly why you take him out for a costly ride? Get a guy! Free rides, free candy, free movies, and a lot of attention. Guaranteed, and with immediate replacement warranty.

Bored? Get out of the library!

They think the guy is nice. No guy is nice. All men are lazy, materialistic, like sports, oogle at girls and only think of sex. If you were coned into believing, that the guy you like is nice, he has done a good job. ‘Nice’ includes all pretences of being caring, sensitive, mature, loving etc. (note: pretence).

Why men like women. Because they are HOT. Atleast we are honest about it.

Don’t lose heart, there are still nice guys out there and better reasons to fall in love with someone. What’s your reason?

PS: Verbal abuses allowed and encouraged. For low blows and cheap shots, i have protection already.

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  1. PoornimaNo Gravatar says:

    very smart (smirk)

  2. SNo Gravatar says:

    “For want of better things to do. Guaranteed, and with immediate replacement warranty.”

    Loving it!! =)

  3. sniff!! (I’m not crying… just got something in my eyes).
    The article is something I’ll cherish for a long time… sniff sniff!! you’ve touched a soft corner somewhere in my heart (located a little below my left nipple where the tendering ceases).
    I remember the days when I could blog so carefree and when the media was allowed freedom of thoughts. But after getting threatening calls in night and never a date, I decided to put my pen down and divert my thoughts to other events in the universe.

  4. Ha ha ha..It is true Vineet! :)
    Might have been bull from a 23 year old (gosh-you looked a lot older! :P )but bull as bang on target :)
    nice post.


  5. asit dhalNo Gravatar says:

    ha ha…funny facts ab girls and boys..

  6. OnkarNo Gravatar says:

    I liked the blog and Padma Lakshmi’s pic :P

  7. AjinkyaNo Gravatar says:

    Awesome post man ! But you seriously may repel some women out there ;)

  8. vinniNo Gravatar says:

    no probs ajinkya. been there done that. now it does not make a difference!

  9. RhydemzNo Gravatar says:

    Well… nice topic and esp I liked “PS: Verbal abuses allowed and encouraged. For low blows and cheap shots, i have protection already” This will automatically get femles Like u more.. lol;) well m writing this in a lighter mood .. so here it goes.. D basic difference betweent both parties are Men see and believe; women hear and believe.

    1)Men scare away stray animals and stray people that your wives’/girlfriends’ don’t like, such as her ex-boyfriend from high school. 2) It’s the man who has to cut the head off a chicken for lunch 3). - Men can be stupidly entertaining. Kind of like a kitten playing with a ball of string. 4) - Without men, women couldn’t have babies, of which they can then get money from the men forever. Or at least until the baby turns 5)- Men are best at ensuring that their daughters don’t fall prey to a bad boyfriend. Namely by wielding a shotgun in front of the boy to warn him not to touch her inappropriately. Mom is just too nice to do these kinds of things. 6) - It’s the man who fixes the flat tire, the headlight, and really anything that needs to be fixed. 7) - He forgets your anniversary and then wildly over-compensates you. That is a good thing, right? 8) - He gives you money. 9) - He buys you a house. 10) - He buys you a car. 11)01 - He eventually dies and leaves you everything! 9) They have no choiice rather than to appreciate!
    Lol! Enjoy!

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