I have a dream..

“ I have a dream that one day this nation will rise up & live out the true meaning of its creed : We hold these truths to be self-evident that all men are created equal………..”

The great Martin Luther King uttered these four words - “I have a dream” some four & half decade ago in Washington while addressing some 250,000 people, gathered at the Lincoln memorial. Now Obama seems poised to make Martin Luther king’s dream into reality in over 300 years’ old history of America he has risen as a viable shot at the white house.


When I first read these four words, it made me wonder how is it that someone whom I haven’t seen in my life ever, can have such a profound impact on my mind (as a matter of fact, Martin Luther King was murdered in 1968 & given that I was born in 1985, even if I wanted to meet him, it wasn’t feasible). I guess it is something in these words which makes them immortal and a source of tremendous energy and inspiration. As I went on to become an adult from a notorious kid, my dreams also evolved and now it dawned on me what I really want in my life. The amount of passion involved in the dream is awe-inspiring, on a given day it oscillates from extreme optimism to downright pessimism, from being super-confident to self-doubt.

By the virtue of my birth I am born as a “Common man”, but then I don’t want to die as one. My dream is to become some one different, some one standing out in the crowd, some one who will be remembered long after he is gone. I know it is very difficult to achieve what I want to become, but then that’s how dreams are, very emotional and far fetched from reality. I want to become a successful entrepreneur in my life. I cannot pin point one specific reason why I want to become an entrepreneur.

If you ask me what is the biggest joy in anybody’s life, then my answer would be giving birth to a child. No other joy can match it except the joy of creating an organization. For the simple reason that, creating an organization also follows the same path which a small baby has to go through before it can become a fully grown adult. During my Engineering days, I had read somewhere if you want to achieve something worthwhile in life then attach emotions to it, as emotions tend to live longer as compared to logic, logic doesn’t withstand the toll of time. Logic is boring and research shows that we tend to forget or lose interest in something which is too logical.

This November we will come to know whether the late reverends civil rights ‘dream’ will become a reality or not. Even if Obama loses and Hillary Clinton wins America is going to create history. The next US president will either be a black man or a lady. US never had a Black president nor a lady president. (assuming that McCain loses which at this point of time is a very likely scenario). As far as my dream is concerned you and I have to wait for some years to come.

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5 Responses

  1. NituNo Gravatar Says:

    Some visions transcend the generations, some dreams transgress thousand souls..
    Keep going..

  2. JayNo Gravatar Says:

    Your point about logic being boring is too good. And very true. Emotions matter more.

  3. SachinNo Gravatar Says:

    @ Nitu
    Very well said…… Thanks

    @ Jay
    Emotions are what makes us different from other species….. a very essential ingredent of life….

  4. barathNo Gravatar Says:

    “The amount of passion involved in the dream is awe-inspiring, on a given day it oscillates from extreme optimism to downright pessimism, from being super-confident to self-doubt.”
    beautifully said sachin, Attach emotions to it, just reminded of the book, emotional intelligence.
    Logic fades out @ the end of the day. good one, Really inspiring.
    Good luck with your dream(s)

  5. SachinNo Gravatar Says:

    @ barath

    thanks m8 !!!

    cheers :)

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