Why women like men

These might seem very bull, very very bull coming from a 23 year old who has no authority on this subject matter but I’ll go ahead anyway. These are just personal observations, and do not involve any kind of research whatsoever. Please don’t think I am sexist, I am just trying to be a male [...]

Into the Wild

Some movies change you. Into the Wild, is one of them. It’s not yet changed me, but it’s got me thinking a lot. The movie is about Chris McCandless who grew up in Annandale, Virginia, and died at age 24 in a wilderness area of the state of Alaska. After graduating in 1990 from Emory [...]

Courage Under Fire

Before I begin writing anything, I would like to put a small disclaimer here. Please don’t expect a direction, a moral, a conclusion or a happy ending in this article. I wrote many paragraphs individually and put them together under one heading - something that just sounded cool and with nothing more to it.
I was [...]

Google on April Fools Day 2008

Google Virgle
So google does it again! And this time its not only Google but also Richard Branson! An April Fools Joke crafted in great detail goes to the extent of even co branding with Virgin! Virgle.
SO what is it this time? 
Colonizing Mars, and actually inviting applications to join the mission as a Pioneer!
Heck, they even went to the extent of creating an online application, you can take the test here. Google totally takes to a all new level this [...]

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