Nano: Packing a Punch

The Tatas, have done the impossible. We almost laughed when the idea first came up, and Ratan Tata had made his plans public. There were a lot of speculations on what it would hold, since the cheapest car on Indian roads M800 had the most basic of features. What else could they strip a car off?

Tata Nano

This was one of the popular internet jokes, on what a one lakh car could look like. It was a riot, and I was rolling on the floor when I saw. To be frank, I never gave Tata half the chance. What was unveiled, left me awestruck!

India had arrived! And what Tata did with Indica, Nano would probably do better. Few of the reasons why this is a landmark is firstly, it proves India has the R&D and know how to innovate and design. Secondly, it is the cheapest car and also the most fuel efficient one; as it gives 50 miles for a gallon! Thirdly, Nano truly holds the potential to make the car, affordable to every Indian. I personally feel that 1 million units a year, which is the target; is on the lower side.


Tata Nano

With the launch of Nano, other car makers are now speculating their own versions of cheaper cars. What this means is that, consumer at the end of the day is the winner. Nano would soon have competition. When Ford launched the famous Model T, he had one thing to say, “You can have any car you like, as long as it’s black”. Tata would not have dreamt of saying anything to that effect. We need to accept the fact that consumer is truly the king.

There are a few things we do have to look forward to now. What models would be offered by competitors? How will the international market accept Nano? How many units do they manage to sell? And finally, would this car change the fortunes for West Bengal?

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  1. Secret SimonNo Gravatar Says:

    The Nano certainly made the headlines here in Britain. And the idea is to lease the design to companies in other countries, I think, so as to generate home-grown industry instead of a sprawling multinational? Sounds good to me.

  2. JumpaNo Gravatar Says:

    The Nano had “Horn OK” written all over it and has now turned into “Smile OK” for the aam aadmi.

  3. MeghanaNo Gravatar Says:

    hey there ,peekin in,i love the neat look of ur webpage :)

  4. meghanaNo Gravatar Says:

    hey whats with the new post,it says missing page ? censored deliberately ?

  5. samNo Gravatar Says:

    The progress of Nano, once it hits the roads has to be watched closely. Personally, though I’d like a test drive before going for it!! I guess I would end up going for the higher version of Nano, thanks to my tastes in such matters…
    In the small car segment i really like the i10, so might actually compare with that too!!

  6. VinniNo Gravatar Says:

    u know guys, it might be a cheap car, but i dont think i will buy. i might recommend it, i wont buy it!

  7. nehaNo Gravatar Says:

    Tata nano is here to stay, and i am eagerly waiting for the test drive!

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