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The Video featured in the Pune Blogger Meet on 15th March. The video is not about me or my blog. Its simply put, about the blogger in all of us and how our blogs tend to be more like us or perhaps even the other way around.

I would be talking about the meet however in another post. :)

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  1. ramNo Gravatar says:

    hey!! great video!!

  2. PsNo Gravatar says:

    Hi Vinni,
    I really liked this video-lovely one & very well said-I’ll be posting it in my blog today (mentioning you of course)-and this time-you really earned it! ;-)

  3. AnwinNo Gravatar says:

    Awesome video man. And that was a great meet. Lets see if we meet again :)

  4. Hi Vineet

    It was a pleasure to meet you on Saturday, it is always a pleasure to meet someone from the Symbiosis clan :) It was a great effort from your side to pull off the Bloggers meet.
    The Video was really awesome and thanks for sharing the link :)


  5. Hey Vineet
    Nice meeting you this saturday. Great job with the blogger meet and specially with the video.

    BTW which is this background score in the video? Its nice.


  6. JumpaNo Gravatar says:

    Cooooooolllllllllll. Great video dude.
    Proud to be a blogger :) .
    I blog.

  7. samNo Gravatar says:

    It was a good meet!! good job!!

    @rohit: that’s “The Kiss”, from OST of Last of the Mohicans!!

  8. Saw the video today.
    Good one Vinni….In fact it inspires “hibernating” bloggers like me.

    Great Work !

  9. VinniNo Gravatar says:

    hey thanks a lot guys! i really loved making the video. there was so much us bloggers need to share! it just came out in the video! you guys have been a great source of inspiration!

  10. meghanaNo Gravatar says:

    The blog


    or let’s say Vedi,Vici,Vinni :)

  11. vinniNo Gravatar says:

    :) thanks meghna! i am blushing (!)

  12. PratsNo Gravatar says:

    The video is simply amazing, it said almost everything what a blogger stands for…Loved it…. :)

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    I am the blog, a video I had made two years back! Tell me how it is. [link to post]

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  14. S.R.AyyangarNo Gravatar says:

    Really very thoughtful and prepared “DIL SE”. Hats of to the team.

  15. RhydemzNo Gravatar says:

    What was that??? Hell of a writing man! Hats OFF! I hail to the Saviour:)
    Truly this is a piece of gem. Loved it.. With the music i got goosebumbs!;) I havE in my 18teens have wriiten abt I M VASE, I AM A dead , i m this and i m that.. (as in poetry) but i have enever though how wud a blog feel. How can i miss it.. soo foolish of me..
    But i tell u .. this is rocking… Inspiring and made my Adrenaline shootd up… I wonder how many other got high reading this ;) .
    Few days back i wrote about a puppy.. as i was just thinking what would a puppy feel of a human.. and then posted it.. but this really makes me think and feel same as if the blog came into your world just as I am here , he made no promises to be anything more, or no commitments . Thus have unleased the chains and able to fly ..
    Yes he was at times petrified , pulverized but he is a dreamer… He moved on.. and each step gave him a new dimension of exploring the possibilities.

    At times he is quiet as sea or at times loud as a new drum. He seeks to help others in need, even at times to plant new trees. Each day writing a new story on its new empty post, which will help to express what he think. It loves to crush the icy grip and it fights to breakfree, to escape your tyranny. It is vast and vivid. No one can stop it and no one can hold it. Beyond Our imagination.

    Waiting to Challange Himself more.. its a aprt of his lifes game it seems. He is a cloud as soft as it could be my friend, and a river that flows into into the deep blue sea,a warrior you know,
    and that part of me shall never go in him… as he is Himself and thts what it will be forver..

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    #Heartfelt real #video of a #blog ” I m blog” [link to post] ( Via @vineetrajan )

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  17. LubnaNo Gravatar says:

    ” Truely Inspirational”

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    Thanks! RT @Rhydemz: #Heartfelt real #video of a #blog ” I m blog” [link to post] ( Via @vineetrajan )

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