Growing up and moving on


The college days have been good, and not matter what we thought while we were at it, they were the simplest days of our lives. No really. When I think about the assignments we got, the tests we wrote, all of it - very simple. Don’t know why we cribbed so much about them. When I think about the kind of work, those buggers are going to make us do, I am really embracing myself for the worst. Its not going to be simple. Will just have to stick it out.

I also found some great people here, and a handful pain in the ass as well. And I have made my share of good friends here. There is one thing I truly believe in - There are three kinds of people you come across in life. Let me break it down here.

  • The Gems. Your very close friends, sweetheart(s) and people who have been good to you. They genuinely care about you and vice versa. These are people you never let go off. And you should not. They have been through the thick and thin with you, and have always been around. They are around for as long as you wish. The gems in your life.
  • The asses. People you don’t want to remember and want to forget the earliest. These people also have the knack of being there at the wrong time and the wrong place. They have created problems, they might have tried to ruin your life and they might have also got away with it. And ten years down the line, when I would have forgotten all about them, I am sure they would be ones to screw it up all over again.
  • The unforgettables. This is a unique kind. They have been very special to you, but for whatever reason, you just want to forget them and move on. You’d want to let go, but you just wont be able to let go, no matter how hard you try. And maybe you’ll come to a day, when you learn to face the facts. Thats when you do let go. Till then, no matter how hard you try, you wont be able to let go. And you just have to hang on to yourself.

And as for me, when I walk out of this place in another 20 days, I’ll be thanking all the people I have come across (the three kinds), the professors, the situations, the opportunities, the awards, the defeats and the moments of joy and sadness. But as my mind would be racing through all this, there is that baggage I’d continue to shoulder and just move on; because the way I look at it, its all about growing up and moving on. We all have our own shit to take care off. Might as well, just move on.


PS: This is yet another failed attempt at being abstract. :D

The picture on top was me trying to make it abstract, but thanks to Preeti we have a new found meaning!

The crappy colour on the right make up for the ‘asses’.
The flowers are the gems.
And the buds one on the flower are unforgettables. 

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  1. ArchanaNo Gravatar Says:

    Failed attempt to be abstract - yes. :P

    It was nice read..
    wanna know where do i feature :P

  2. JagannathNo Gravatar Says:

    sweet post :D

    and who all are in your ‘the unforgettables’ list eh! eh :p

  3. PsNo Gravatar Says:

    Dont know why-I am able to relate to only your abstract posts! I liked this one.

  4. samNo Gravatar Says:

    god write up and sums up a lot of things that we go through wen we are abt to leave the safe cocoon of college!!

  5. meghanaNo Gravatar Says:

    there is a very thin line that borders all three actually :)

  6. PsNo Gravatar Says:

    By the way-nice picture too-but where does it figure in the post?Is the flower the ‘Unforgettables’ and the dirty broen on the right, the ‘asses’? :P

  7. vinniNo Gravatar Says:

    ok…the flower signifies growing up. and the other pic, just moving on… got it now?

  8. vinniNo Gravatar Says:

    one more thing, i was trying to be abstract, remember? :D

  9. PratsNo Gravatar Says:

    You forgot one kind,
    The Due-ds: One which you always remember for all the wrong reasons and you would never forget them for the scores and dues you have to settle with them and would settle the scores when have a chance and you come across them again in ur life

    Nice post…. i know what you are feeling

  10. jumpaNo Gravatar Says:

    I know. I know. The gems - they always bring a smile whenever u talk abt them. mostly in local bars :).

    Oh, another 20 days??? I thot u had finished… did u flunk ;) ?

  11. vinniNo Gravatar Says:

    ha ha, no man. i did not flunk thankfully. just a few more days for the exams to begin

  12. Friends with RajanNo Gravatar Says:

    I loved both the pics TOO :)

  13. SachinNo Gravatar Says:

    sahi………very good post…… it is very difficult to move on …….. Nine months back same thing happened with me…….College was fun…….

  14. anganaNo Gravatar Says:

    So well written :) I guess, the moment u learn to move on with life, is the moment u know, u’ve really grown up! The three categories u mentioned.. are jus sooo perfect!

  15. vinniNo Gravatar Says:

    @sachin: yeah, its exactly what u say it is. and thanks for dropping by!

    @angana: we all grow up eventually dont we?

  16. VishaalNo Gravatar Says:

    yeah.. very true.

    also the unforgettables can be a the ones who have altered ur life in one way or the other.
    ‘People who were once so good to u nd who suddenly turned bad’ can be a subset of the unforgettables.

  17. TitoNo Gravatar Says:

    The “asses” are practically very helpful. They throw you in trouble, give you all the unnecessary pain, however, in due course we get to know about existence of such people, so that we can save asses of other people.

    Their misdeeds make us more resistance and we find newer and effective ways of combat.

    The other two kinds are like lifeline. You can’t live without them.


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