The Dead Ones’ Perspective

There are so many things we watch, do and talk about every day. Be it shopping, eating, driving or just lying down. We feel free and are well equipped to put a point across. But have we ever thought of the objects we use or see everyday? I mean I am sure if they could [...]

Friends and “Friends”


We all have a set of friends and “friends”. Initially it’s a challenge to tell apart “friends” from friends. However, if we let life decide for us, it actually turns out to be a painful process. Something like going through a rough patch. A nerve wrecking experience at times!!! Feeling anguished, cheated and hmmmm … [...]

A to Z of India

The Gateway Of India
A for Aamchi Mumbai. A city that never sleeps. A city that has grown from Bombay to Mumbai, the financial capital of india not only is the fastest but also the city of dreams. The land of Bollywood (Indian cinema). Aamchi Mumbai translates to ‘Our Mumbai’,
B for Butter Chicken. Chicken made in [...]

Growing up and moving on

The college days have been good, and not matter what we thought while we were at it, they were the simplest days of our lives. No really. When I think about the assignments we got, the tests we wrote, all of it - very simple. Don’t know why we cribbed so much about them. When [...]

Featured: The Rice Bowl

I was astonished to see how she scrapped the last few morsels of rice from the bowl. I wondered why she was so particular about cleaning the bowl in that way. I looked down at the heap of rice that had been scrapped from different bowls in the same manner.
Some of us have the luxury [...]

Pune Blogger Meet

Listening Carefully, notice the fair guy? Martin, was planted there by us.
A lot has been already said about the Pune Blogger Meet. It was meant to be personal and mostly for networking. Thats what it ended up being. I’d say mission accomplished.
Lot of bloggers have showered praises for the meet. I am happy it [...]

I am the blog

The Video featured in the Pune Blogger Meet on 15th March. The video is not about me or my blog. Its simply put, about the blogger in all of us and how our blogs tend to be more like us or perhaps even the other way around.
I would be talking about the meet however [...]

Nano: Packing a Punch

The Tatas, have done the impossible. We almost laughed when the idea first came up, and Ratan Tata had made his plans public. There were a lot of speculations on what it would hold, since the cheapest car on Indian roads M800 had the most basic of features. What else could they strip a car [...]

The Other Side

We have been called a lot of names of late. There is an old school of thought we are so full off; the other person is always WRONG! Its hard at times to even see from the other perspective. Shit happens at times but one has to really look into what could have been the [...]

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