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Vivek, a kannadiga by heart and on of my best pals. We’ve been hostel mates for four years and at the end of the term was voted Ms. Universe for his contribution to ‘womankind’. A sweet guy, with views of his own and powerful ones at that. This kiddo packs a punch! This is a counter view to my post ‘One is not enough’ published on IBNLive and cross posted on Life in 360.

I totally agree that voilence is uncalled for in this matter. I am not supporting any kind of regionalism. But there are a few facts that can not be ignored. Living in Bengaluru and being a Kannadiga, I have seen how this transition is taking place in my state too. Initially, everyone was very proud to be a citizen of the “IT Capital”. Today, the very same people feel IT is a nuisance. Why? Because, for non-IT folks, there is nothing to be proud of Bengaluru. IT has become a pain. This has given them nothing but exuberantly high cost of living, higher rents, congestion etc. A person who was earning a decent 15K per month, could send his kids to the best school in the town. Sadly, not anymore. He didnt ask for such a change! And if you visit any IT company, you will see that all the security people, caterers etc are all immigrants. So, what has IT given to the local people? Not even jobs…The jobs created have been taken away by people from other states. The frustration is inevitable. And the politicians use this situation to their advantage and create a complete scene of disharmony.

The solution to such issues is a balanced growth. Every city needs every kind of work-force. It is not fair that farmers of the state get 3-phase power only at 12 midnight to irrigate their land, because the power has to be given to IT sectors during the day time. IT folks have no moral rights to complain about a half an hour traffic jam, when the farmer who grows their food has to go into his farms at midnight to irrigate despite snakes’ and scorpions’ bite possibility. The central govt should step up and create cities like BLR, Mumbai, Hyd in each state and ensure immigrations and their ill-effects on the local people are minimal. This will reduce burden on a few select cities and bring respect to each sector, like agriculture, in these states. This will mainly help in the overall development of the country. When people are not negatively effected by large-scale immigrations, the few immigrant people of the cities will not face any discriminations. And our useless politicians will not be able to this to their advantage and create such hostile situations.

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  1. neoNo Gravatar Says:

    hey vivek, You are looking with a very very narrow mind man. It’s like, if you have 2 kids and one is not doing well, its the fault of the higher achiever to have achieved more!! I understand farmer’s are having problems but is it only in karnataka??? Do you thing Bangalore is given priority when it comes to electricity just because of IT companies here when compared to rural areas of karnataka?? NO, its cause bengalooru is the capital of KARNATKA. Its the same story in every state. Farmer’s are taking a hit in every state. It’s total BS to tell IT is the culprit in bengalooru! IT people are “people”. And will complain when they feel they do not have the proper infrastructure, coz they paying hell lot of tax for the same..

  2. Varghese MathewNo Gravatar Says:

    The first line reads as
    “I’m not supporting any kind of regionalism, but only kannadigaism”

    “But there are a few facts that cannot be ignored” => “these facts which support the kannadigaism cannot be ignored, but as you can see, I’ve ignored the rest of the facts”

    bangalore is a ****ed up mess, because stuff like infrastructure, city planning etc. were totally ignored. People who owned land in bangalore (well, let’s just say it’s a coincidence that they are majorly kannadigas) built houses, split their houses, built shacks on the third and fourth floor etc to rent out and milk the software laborer out of even the last penny, without regard to congestion or population density, aesthetics, waste disposal etc. People who govern the city (ah, I’m again sorry if they are kannidigas too) did nothing to curb all kinds of illicit practices, nor did anything to improve city living conditions. But if you look at the IT employee, he’s done good ! He’s brought so much money into the state. He’s done what he’s supposed to do. So let’s be very clear on this.. the larger faction of people who didn’t do what they were supposed to do are the native bangaloreans.

    Also, every day I used to say the pledge “India is my country”. Mark my words, the pledge wasn’t “Karnataka is my state” or “Bangalore is my city”.. In fact, the right to engage in productive employment in any part of India and the right to dwell in any part of India is a constitutionaly guaranteed fundamental right of all Indians. So the complete argument presented here is constitutionally unfounded. But alas, because our constitution is not conductive to our regional and religious discriminations we decided to disregard that book almost completely, right? And it did not help that it’s the lengthiest and most confusingly worded document ever.

    Going by statistics, 70% of Indian population is engaged in agriculture, whereas, if we were to implement mechanised farming, the labor requirement in this sector is only 20% of the population. Therefore simply put, the only way to develop this country is to promote policies which will encourage the surplus laborers in agriculture to move on to other forms of employment, and undertake a rapid mechanization effort for agriculture. However, such policies are not conductive to vote banks and narrow-minded political views, but worse, policies of subsidising agriculture with hard earned money of taxpyers (most of these agricultural laborers are well below the 1 lakh mark and therefore don’t even pay taxes !) are encouraged in this country. Consequently, a rich man, who generates probably 25 times more income than one of these agricultural laborers would emmigrate from this country on the first opportunity (brain drain), a situation which when collectively happens, turns out to be disastrous to the nation as a whole.

    And as a particular comment to the whole second paragraph of vivek’s.. If immigration across state boundaries is contained, tomorrow vivek will be ranting about people from Belagavi polluting the culture and stealing the employment of native bangaloreans.

  3. PoulomiNo Gravatar Says:

    What I understand from the second paragraph is “If the central government does its job well, immigrants will not be discriminated against”. Isnt this a case of misdirected anger? The immigrant is there to seek a better life for himself. He’s not there to add to the cost of living. Why should he be penalised for having a better salary? IT, by itself generates quite a lot of revenue for the state, this apart from the visibility that it gives. If this money is not used for the people, the immigrant cannot be held rsponsible, or be discriminated against. And if the government does think that IT is choking the infrastructure of the place, why keep welcoming companies with open arms and then complain about the consequences?

    In all, if people of Bengaluru think that the government is not doing its job, they should vent their ire on them. Vote them out.. Why bother individuals who are just there to earn a decent living??

  4. Naveen RoyNo Gravatar Says:

    Hmm, according to, Unabridged
    im·mi·grant [im-i-gruhnt]
    1. a person who migrates to another country, usually for permanent residence.

    So isn’t immigrant the wrong term??

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