First Salary Wishlist

No, Its not come as yet. But there are a few things i am already planning on spending my first salary. Well, I am not earning that much, but whats the harm in dreaming about it?
Lazy Boy

I found out the price as well. Its 28,000 in India. I learn they also have an EMI option. [...]

A few roses…with love

When was it ever mentioned that Valentine’s Day leads to immorality? Why are the fanatics so hell bent on destroying on the one day that means no harm, but actually spreads some love around? I have over the years read news reports on how; couples were besmeared with cow dung, beaten up and in some [...]

Tiger, tiger, Burning Bright…

I’ll always remember reading books of jungle lore by Kenneth Anderson as a kid. The vivid portrayals of the jungles of south India were a treat to read. While most of this stories and musings were about hunting tigers (mostly man eaters), there were many that dealt with panthers, rogue elephants and even bears. What [...]

One is not enough: Counter View


Vivek, a kannadiga by heart and on of my best pals. We’ve been hostel mates for four years and at the end of the term was voted Ms. Universe for his contribution to ‘womankind’. A sweet guy, with views of his own and powerful ones at that. This kiddo packs a punch! This is a [...]

Funny Love

Say Hello to ‘Lovestruck’! One of my best pals and someone whom I have known for the past 8 years. Yes, we lost touch for some 5 years in between. And we have had our rough times, but more memorable times. A wonderful friend and beautiful woman, she is someone I would really cherish for [...]

Unethical business (non)sense!

Dr. Amit Kumar/Dr. Horror. The name runs a chill down your spine. I recently saw the movie Turistas and how a doctor not only dissected the body alive but took all body parts that could be of any use including the skin for transplants. Gross, you will say. But we can’t discount the fact that [...]

One is not enough

I wrote this out of disgust and was published on IBN Live. An excerpt from it. Click on the link to read more.
Raj Thackeray seems to have opened up a pandora’s box. Comments on Big B were uncalled for to say the least. For a progressive state like Maharashtra, this does not go down too [...]

Letting go

There comes a time in everyone’s life when one needs to let go of things and leave them to fate. Whatever happens is not of your concern anymore. But there are somethings that are so hard to let go, its not funny. All the years of toil and effort you put in, you don’t know [...]

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