I am depressed


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I was eating some chicken biryani in the afternoon today. My friend told me that the population of chicken is more than of humans! I mean really??? I was checking the internet for right stats because i refused to believe it. All my hard work had actually gone waste!

These are the dismal figures guys: The population in 2003 was 24 billion (4 chickens for every human being), according to the Firefly Encyclopedia of Birds. (wikipedia)

what in the world have we been doing so far?? I have been eating chicken after chicken for so many years! and I see this kind of a statistic. It pisses me off!

We need to form a world committee on reducing the chicken population. All those in favour say ‘Cluck Cluck’.

12 Responses to “I am depressed”

  1. all the people in the wrld…
    every boy and every girl.
    say CLUCK CLUCK!!!!
    Kya mast baat kahee hai… I am joining this cult which you ahve started :)

  2. SubhajitNo Gravatar says:

    I am a worshipper of chicks and chickens….ratio of guys to chicken will be arnd 1:8……but that of chicks to guys is less than 1….so i propose to build one more cult to increase this ratio…..and the only way to do so is to procreate more often and bring more girls in this world…..so who is joining me in this procreation ritual?? (girls reply)

  3. Rajan CuznNo Gravatar says:

    Cockadoodle Dooo!!! Every morning evening night

  4. PoulomiNo Gravatar says:

    Cluck Cluck!!!!! Count me in.. :) Go ChickenMania!

  5. VinniNo Gravatar says:

    sorry sub, there are no takers for you! LOL! :P

  6. Secret SimonNo Gravatar says:

    Vinni - I thought you had a business brain on you! Work it out man. If there are less chickens, you will have to pay more for your biryani. It’s simple economics. You should be campaigning for *more* chickens!

    I just tagged you with the A-Z meme. You can find out all about it at my blog but basically it’s 26 A-Z facts about yourself. Only thing is… reading your blog I often come up against stuff I don’t understand. This tends to fall into two categories: 1) cultural stuff about India and 2) acronyms - what do all these letters mean? Just to give two examples from your very recent posts: Bawarchi and SIBM. I want to know more! So you get an extra-special three choices for the meme: A-Z facts about Vinni, A-Z facts about India, or A-Z index of acronyms. Or you could really impress me and do all three…

  7. TitoNo Gravatar says:

    Its insane. Why do you want to create a dearth and hit the supplies?
    You know how poor I am. I have to shell out few extra bucks, if chickens are counting less. :(

  8. VinniNo Gravatar says:

    simon! u are the best man! ha ha ha ha ha! its not the economics! its more to do with principle and belief! chicken must die to feed me. amen! all three? man, i where do i start?

  9. Secret SimonNo Gravatar says:

    Stoke up the brain with a few biryanis and you’ll wing it, Vinni. I look forward to seeing the meme…

    (On second thoughts, you could be right about those chickens. If they ever work out they outnumber us, we could be in serious trouble….)

  10. ArchanaNo Gravatar says:

    Wait a minute guys..
    If 4 chicken for 1 Vinni..
    come on we are not looking at the birth rate of Human ( More Vinni s ) and chicken
    and of course the sex ratio :)
    hope it makes sense..

  11. RhydemzNo Gravatar says:

    I read in ur post .. u mentioned U love eating Chickens..( Hope u use this for animals;) lol)
    Well M sure friend .. u dnt need to form a world committee on reducing them.. rather u need to start eating them more..
    One day .. this mess will be cleared and U will Be the Chicken MAN@:)
    (oops little teasing here)

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