How I became an Engineer


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I am pretty honest. I have no clue how it happened. I think i might have got away with stuff like this.
How Miracles work

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  1. This is too funny, I cudnt strop laughing for a minute. :D :D I even sent to people.

  2. VinniNo Gravatar says:

    about what? that i am nincompoop? :D

  3. ArchanaNo Gravatar says:

    in first sem maths exams.. u have those “Prove” questions.

    In the one and half hr break between internals, tried to tuck in loads of stuff into brain
    but nanha sa hai na..
    so tried to manipulate stuff from left hand side and right hand side … in the middle put some componendo dividendo stuff.

    Lo there was a red Circle from Sridevi . I was never lucky with the miracle stuff.. :(

  4. RhydemzNo Gravatar says:

    Wonderful piece!

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