Email scam

What all trouble people go to! Please stay away.

Dear Partner,


My name is Mr. William Gibbon, Human Resources Director of Barclays Bank
Plc, London. I am writing in respect of a Switzerland British Citizen
customer of my bank Mr. Ratnavale Victor, dual citizen of Switzerland and
Britain , who died together with his wife (Ratnavale Joyce) in a Plane crash
on Monday 7th September 1998 GMT 14:22 UK while they were flying from New
York to Geneva. Please see site below for more information.

The late Mr. Victor Ratnavale left in our bank the sum of Twenty Five
Million Pounds Sterling (£25 Million Pounds Sterling) and nobody will ever
come for this money because he died with his entire family. I am the only
person that is aware of this money since Mr. Victor Ratnavale did not give
to my bank any next of kin to inherit his money. Now, I want to use my
position in the bank to transfer this money to your country for investment.
If you can provide me with an account where I can transfer this (twenty five
million pounds sterling) £25 Million Pounds Sterling. I will give you 35% of
this entire fund while the remaining 60% shall be for me, extra 5% will be
for reimbursement of expenses incured prior to completion of transfer. I am
hoping to get a favourable response from you.

Kindly send your reply to my Email:

Below are the informations we need to enable us transfer the Funds to your
desire Account.

A]. Bank Name………………
B]. Bank Address (including Phone & fax numbers)…………
C]. Swift Code……………………..
D]. Your Account Number………………
E]. Your Account Name ……………..
F]. Your Address (including Phone & fax numbers)…………..
G]. Your Name, Contact Address, Telephone and fax numbers, occupation, Sex
and Marital Status…………
H]. Your scanned international passport or drivers license for proper

Mr. William Gibbon.
Tel: +44 7031849537

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  1. #1 by Raghav on January 22nd, 2008

    Hi Vineet,

    After reading those emails, i feel a pity for those individuals who fall in this trap. It is nemisis to suck you out of your finances, guys ,beware.
    Thanks to you Vineet for highlighting this issue.
    And it just now get narrow down to here.
    Consider all those chain mails, horrifying macabre stories that ask you to forward, else you would have to face highly undesirable consequences.
    The only way to face anticipated future for all of us is just ignore all such mails n allow them to rest in peace (Ofcourse in your cof+bin).

  2. #2 by Vinni on January 23rd, 2008

    thanks for sharing your thoughts mate! we need more people like you!

  3. #3 by Archana on February 7th, 2008

    Orkut also has such fwds … spams are so irritating

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