Work in Progress

Hi! You might see a lot of changes happening all the time> I am just tweaking around with the code. There is a lot of PHP here.

Like they say, CODE IS POETRY!

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  1. AnuNo Gravatar Says:

    Code Is Poetry???!!! I am having trouble digesting that after my recent experience with code bits and packages :-D …I guess code is poetry only when you are the poet…and by the way, is there a poetic license in here also :-)…jokes apart, the new layout looks good…waiting to see the final avatar…

  2. adminNo Gravatar Says:

    yeah, the work is happening. lets see how it works out….still there is a lot to learn. and PHP is exciting

  3. TitoNo Gravatar Says:

    What is the problem with your Blog man? It gets disconnected every now and then. Anyways, Beef Fest is on tomorrow, whats your scene? Let me know!

    Cheers! and Jai Gai

  4. VinniNo Gravatar Says:

    yeah man! sure! sometime today! lets see how things work out

  5. TitoNo Gravatar Says:

    Oye Kavi!

    Where are you? Called you twice last evening for Gai Fest. I got through the law firm in Singapore.

  6. UditNo Gravatar Says:

    Nice website! I am a wordpress user too, and its pretty awesome! Looking forward to some more interesting posts from you. Take care, Udit

  7. VinniNo Gravatar Says:

    thanks guys! the new blog is up and running. will be doing a bit more work on this still. but this template stays! 2 columns rock!

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