For Maadarc**d



Four years of engineering life, and the same four years in hostel. The best of my life, undoubtedly. I have seen friends come and go. But there was one who never left me, in spite of me! The old lovable hostel mutt. I have known him since the 1st semester. I used to call him maadarc**d (motherf**ker in english), and he is used to lovingly come running to me and jump all over me. I never gave him a dog name. He liked this inane name.

the 2nd semester i had decided to stay back and not go back home. I was all alone in the hostel. Who was there for me? Maadarc**d! For want of company, I used to keep in my room. He used to spend the cold night in a corner where I had made a make shift bed for him with newspapers. He used to be sitting outside till around 7 PM after which it would get cold outside. He would keep scratching on my door till i let him in. He was so cute! Could never say no.

I used to code late into the night and whenever i was frustrated I used to say the beautiful words (maadarc**d) and he used to look at me like I called him and came to cuddle used to put his forelegs on my thigh. Dumb mutt. As I moved from one hostel to another, changing rooms and roommates, he was the constant companion.

God! Did he love those darn Tiger Biscuits! He used to eat a whole pack in one go. I would have fed him so many packs and he never got bored, not once did he ever say no! I used to throw it in the air and he used to jump almost two feet to get them! I don’t he ever dropped it even once! It did take me a while to train him though.

Dogs can get very protective. Maadarc**d was no exception. He used to literally drive out even the few visitors I had! And everytime he did that, he got a tight whack on his head with a roll of paper. Let me tell you, I was checking how potent it could be. It really was lethal. Really did sting! I had a swollen thigh for a couple of days. (I was the crash test dummy!).

When I first met this mutt, he was perhaps a year old. He was castrated back when I was in 2nd semester. The ‘ball less’ maadarc**d was trotting away after the surgery like nothing happened. All the while it would have been wondering why so much f**king around never helped even once! Dumb ball less mutt!!

The last semester when we were clicking snaps around the campus, he was running along with us. Some of the snaps we clicked came out really nice. People said, the mutt was mad. Aaah! What do they know! They were mad. Maadarc**d was the cutest dog I ever came across. He had grown four years with us. I left college that day and he was outside my room. I gave him the last pack of biscuits I had. Maybe it was me, but i felt he did not relish them like he usually did. Nor did he spring in the air. I was packing and he knew it, I was leaving for good. Dogs can sense human emotions like no one other. I have not seen him since and not heard about him either, for the last two years. I hope the dumb mutt is alright and is getting a lot to eat. I only regret, he was not there to see me off when I left. Hope you are ok, wherever you are, maadarc**d!

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  1. Sandeep says:

    I remember this guy. And how he chased Vijay and made him jump a floor (do you remember that?)

    Sweet dog.

  2. radhika says:

    hi … lovely story .. quite emotional too ..
    the love between a Man n his dog :)
    Well hope the “Mutt” is fine .. n still remembers u :)
    Sometimes life is weird .. It makes to binds u to unknown beings ..
    Well tc .. keep writing such cute stuff :)

  3. Born Loser says:

    God Bless Madar C***!
    Let him join the beef fest sometime.

  4. Suma says:

    This one is a real good & emotional story. Though not a dog lover, I cud sense the emotions b/w u & ur dog. Vinni, didn’t u get any better name in the world for this poor little thing…
    Keep it up… I like reading such cute stuff :)

  5. ArchanaNo Gravatar says:

    perfect balance between emotion and casual narration…
    but was a cute post

    may be u can just read ur “letting go” post .. i know it wont help

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