Creating a Professional Blog in Easy Steps!

Before I start telling you how to go about doing this, I assume a few things.

  • You know a bit of coding especially in CSS, HTML, jscripts and PHP.

  • Understand networking terminologies like CNAME, A Records etc

  • Know how to use FTP and have a FTP client

  • Finally, believe that you really can have a professional blog for less than 5$ !!!


Hosting Solution.

You would need a hosting solution first. There are hosts of free hosting providers. Some of them also offer space upto 2GB without any ads. I recommend FreeWebHosty. You can a comprehensive list from here.

What you need to look for in the hosting solution

  • PHP Support

  • SQL Database

  • Good amount of space

  • Native SSL Support

  • CUSTOMER SUPPORT (Yes, even free hosting providers give customer support!)


FTP Client.

You would need a FTP client. You can download one like FileZilla or FireFTP which are free. If you have purchased an FTP Client, its all upto you. But you would not require it. Freeware ones are just as good, if not better.



Download Blogging Software or ‘Blogware’

There are a number of blogger software available on the internet. Most of them are open source and that is what we are looking for. You can try these out, but for the ease of use and availabilty of vast number of skins and plugins my personal recommendation would be WordPress.

Meanwhile you can check these out as well.

Ok, now we are set. After choosing the blogger software, we need to upload it on to the server. I hope you have created the account with the hosting provider by now.


Upload Blogger Software

Upload the files on the webhost in the root directory. They would give you FTP details along with the registration details. We go to the next step now.


Server Side configuration

  • You need to create a database as most of the blogwares would need a SQL database. mySQL is preferred.

  • Create a user account with admin privileges.

  • assign the user to the database.

  • Enable SSL on the server, (you might have to contact customer support for the same)


PHP File configuration

  • The files that you would be uploading would contain a cofig file, in PHP format mostly.

  • You need to append the server name, username, password and database details.

  • The blogware you download would contain all these details and where to provide the details.


Run the installation script

You need to finally run the installation script which would execute the setup. It is mostly automated where it would create the database entries and tables. I would also install the scripts needed for the user interface.


Buy a domain (Notice, this is the only time you shell out cash!)

Finally, you need to shell out some cash for the domain. I am yet to find a domain provider for free. But Microsoft has been offering domain names for free. But please do not opt for the hosting solution as well, because it does not support PHP. I bought one in India for 200 rupees (thats around 5 dollars!)


Domain Configuration

We finally come to the domain configuration. You need to set the A record for the domain name as provided by the hosting provider. Please ensure you do not change the name server settings.


Going PRO! - Get an email service too! For free!

Log on to gmail and go the gmail for organizations link. You can find it here! This allows you to create email service for the domain name you have registered. Follow the onscreen steps and verify the domain with google. Now you need to set the MX record with the domain provider.


Lets see how much you have spent till now.

Hosting FREE
Database FREE
Email FREE
Domain $5-$10

You can contact me for more details and problems if you face any. However, i doubt that you’ll face problems.

Incase, you want to use Blogger and use the domain to be forwarded like i am using presently, you can read this article by Nikhil on Nikhil’s Musings.

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