Is PowerScrap really powering your scraps?

Clipboard02 I had been using PowerScrap for some time. Thought its free and bypasses firewalls, it however really screws up your profile with ads and links to its own website.

The privacy policy of PowerScrap states the following:

“The system only temporarily stores your user information so that our system can perform the requested functions from the user. “

This is not being followed since PowerScrap is storing passwords for a longer duration, perhaps forever. Are you comfortable sharing your password to a third party? I changed my Google account password to protect my privacy.


PowerScrap also does not mention that it would be changing the profile of the user. clearly an infringement of the privacy policy. All it does mention is this:

“By using you can send text and multimedia content through the compatible sites. This information will be available to any user of these sites.”

It does not mention how, and the privacy policy of the same has last been modified on 18th October, 2006. Do you still want to use PowerScrap?

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