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Its been more than a year since I came to Pune. Have been speaking to so many seniors from SIBM. They all have just one thing to say, ‘Gosh! We really miss the place’. I can’t stop wondering, what they are going through after passing out, I am going through now. No, I am not missing SIBM. I am missing RVCE.

I spent fours there. RV taught me a lot of things. I grew up in a place far from parents. Not that you don’t when they are around, it was more of the defining period of my life. i turned 18, the second day I was at RVCE. Boy! It felt great. I had never seen so many people around living with me. (Our hostels had 900 people from all years, of course we had a separate one for each year). I was tossed around and butt kicked the whole day by people I had never spoken to. Of course the seniors had a fit, since they could rag me for all they care and say Happy B’day and be done with it.

I was the crazy type then. One of my seniors told me to make an ad for condom. I crack myself up when I think about it. I called it Masti Condoms; I learnt later, there exists a brand by that name. Well what the hell, they could have used the idea I came up with. The ad was an instant hit and the seniors loved me. So that meant, I got free food and booze.

Then in the second year, we got to boss the juniors around. Well, not for long. Soon, they came up with the this rule, making ragging a criminal offence. Well, we were shit scared of our juniors now. If anyone squealed, they would have taken away our degree and done some other crazy things. But I found a loop hole and very soon, I was made the head of the Anti-Ragging Squad. The rules I laid down were simple:

  • You wanna rag? Do it when I am around.

  • Nothing physical. Nothing doing.

  • If you want to rag in groups, book in advance, and I would make the arrangements.

Well, I must have been talking like a pimp. But what the hell, I always thought of juniors as sitting ducks. If you won’t whack them, they would come after you. Ducks can be a pain in numbers. Quack! Quack!

Third year, was when we got the things done. The club we were running was going great guns, and for a while I think the other competing clubs had in their mouth. Soon, we were everywhere. I would remember it most for some of the crazy things we did. I would also remember it for getting to know a person, really well and whom I still long for. I don’t think I can get over her so easily. I am trying, but I think I never will and maybe in some I don’t wish to. I am hanging on.

Fourth year, CAT and MBA topped the list. Here is when I started going around. I started socializing like never before. It was time to leave the work to the juniors and PARTY! For whatever reasons I bombed at the entrance exams. I remember the day, JMET results were out. I sat and cried in my room. All alone and I never felt so lonely ever. Other exam results came, I was too hardened by that time. I had screwed it up big time. I had other things to take care of, I could not cry and make others feel sad. They had their own issues they came up to me with. I really wished, I could have let it out to some one that time. I could not, and I lived with it. June 12th was when it all ended. I was done with my project viva. My project partners and I went for the last snack together. I was off. I would tell you more about the last day, its one of the most vivid memories I have. The next post, I promise.

June 13th 2006, I reached Pune and here I am as on 21st October 2007. More later.

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  1. Anupama Kondayya says:

    Lovely post…It so reminds me of my Engineering college days! Reading about your chronicles made me immensely nostalgic, and as I have said I have a thing for nostalgia. Looking forward to the next post about SIBM…

  2. Born Loser says:

    Well, it is said that a Man does not value things which are with him. He feels the absence once they are gone.

    During your your first year of Engineering, you must have missed your school life.

    Hope for a deja vu after a years time- when you leave SIBM.

    Keep Rocking!

  3. Jiggs says:

    colg days are always fun ,iv in the 2nd yr and dread the day i am gona pass out

    well, writting comes to me naturally, i love to wirte ,and the only reason iv put up ads up on my blog ,is that im living off a pocket money, and a bit extra cash does not hurt.
    i hope thts not what is called ‘writing for money’

  4. vivek hegde says:

    hmmm…i became a lil senti too..when i was locking the room door for the last time before handing over the keys…waiting for ur next post…

  5. ShAkE Inc. says:

    Nostalgia spins a web of emotions in our fragile minds, time and again. It keeps coming back to us and infuses in us the urge to relive those sweet old memories again. An amalgamated feeling of joy and sorrow. Such is Life. Surely, a bit of everything.

  6. @purV says:

    Oh I r’ber, we did catch hold of you during the first couple of days.. and yeah, you were pretty sportive for sure!

  7. Prats says:

    I don’t know this Nostalgia is it about place or the people. How much does the place mattered. I don’t know I went to my school after 6 years I had passed out. The whole setup seemed so weird. i couldn’t relate to place which was so important in my life. I don’t know how my engg college would be after all the batches which were there in front of me would have passed out.
    SIBM would never b same again when you people would have passed out.
    I don’t know for me its always people not the places. :-)

  8. ArchanaNo Gravatar says:

    I stil remember how i used to hate coll, dept , lecturer s everything abt college.

    and now the same abt office..
    i hate office , the work, the managers , co workers.. everything abt office..

    And when i actualy graduated.. even the macho men of my class were senti maarofying..
    writing this, i can remember everything abt coll. the same everything i once hated..

    Hopefully i would love office like this one day.. and before i quit :D

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