The Last Day

Sequel to ‘Bit of Everything‘

There was a simple tradition I followed. My PC was always the last to be packed. Unfailingly. It used to be crooning the rock melodies till I had done the last of my packing. It was case on the last day as well. I remember listening to “Lost for Words”, by [...]

Bit of everything

Its been more than a year since I came to Pune. Have been speaking to so many seniors from SIBM. They all have just one thing to say, ‘Gosh! We really miss the place’. I can’t stop wondering, what they are going through after passing out, I am going through now. No, I am not [...]

Selling on orkut: Create a business online

This is something I am doing right now (trying to speak to a guy making a sale). And I realized how effective this is to sell stuff online. So what was I doing? I got a scrap from this guy/girl (DVD Maniac) on orkut. The scrap was pretty simple. DVD titles and the price. [...]

Alms for Shanti: Varanasi Trail

he second coming into my life. Don’t get confused with the album by Induscreed. Have been listening to this for the last two days; and I can’t stop listening to it. Uday Benegal and Jayesh Gandhi formed the band with some of the best musicians from India like Taufiq Qureshi, Rakesh Chaurasia. Mostly classical. [...]

The Chipko Movement (The Chipko Aandolan)

Blog Action Day is here. This post for what it’s worth, is a step towards that. One of the 15000 blogs that are participating on this day. 15th October, 2007. Maybe I am just lost. But that’s not what it’s about.
The forests of India are a critical resource for the subsistence of rural [...]

OpenID: One world, one login

Well, this is one the landmarks of Web 2.0 and open source. Open ID is an amazing concept and it is catching on fast. OpenID has arisen from the open source community to solve the problems that could not be easily solved by other existing technologies. OpenID is a lightweight method of identifying individuals [...]

Blog Action Day

Blog Action Day Video II

Blog Action Day Video I

Check my blog on 15th October, 2007. This blog would see some fireworks.

My Study

This is the home of my plans and crimes I work on, like this post. Clicked using my good old digicam dad had bought in 1999. Canon PowerShot A10. It has 8 MB of memory which I am unable to upgrade anymore since its obsolete. It comes with a 1.3 Megapixel capability with 6X digital [...]

Forgotten Father

October 2nd, 2007 like every year was ‘Gandhi Jayanti’. When the day started, and when it got over. I have no clue. Maybe I have become one of those people who has no time for anything but for themselves.
When I was in Chandigarh, I used to frequent the Gandhi Bhavan often to pick up [...]

Chicken at Home

Discovered an easy way to make chicken at home. hardly needs any effort and the results are very pleasing. So, to make chicken at home you’ll need

Chicken (whole pieces) (You can make 1kg in the microwave at a time)
Chicken Masala (4 tea spoons for a kg)
Curd (200 gms)
Red Chilli Powder (3 tea spoons)
Chillis and Coriander [...]

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