Calvin has a haircut

Its not that I am running out of ideas on what to post. I was reading Calvin after some time. Calvin has a haircut, and guess who cuts it for him. Hobbes! This, my friends is one of the most wicked comic strips I have come across.

Notice the haircut? I will never forget the time [...]

Oh! The in betweens!

This is something Simon, commented on to me previous post. I felt it deserve a post for its length (sorry, Simon! you do go on for long!) and relevance (that’s why its here)
Everything does have its phases. I used to think I would eventually reach a kind of plateau in life where everything would be [...]

Not sleepy

Its very late now, 3 AM. Its Sunday. I should be sleeping. But I can’t. There are too many things clouding my mind now. Its been some months since I parted ways. Everything has its phases. This is perhaps the last lap. I hope at least. The first phase was when I was trying to [...]

Walk for chicken

I was reading the blog of my cousin sister, Shilpa. Could not help but remember our good ol granny. Its been some time since she left us. Miss her a lot. Does seem strange. She was one of a kind and I don’t think I will ever forget the stories she used to tell us. [...]

Windows Live Writer, tested and working

Ok, so Windows Live Writer does work. No doubts about that. I am too lazy to write reviews but here are a few things I found in Live Writer.

You can save as many drafts as you like on your computer to be published later
It supports all the formatting tags that blogger has. (I use blogger, [...]

Windows Live Writer: Blogging Made Easy

For all the bloggers this is THE tool! I stumbled across it recently, and this is the first post i am publishing using the Windows Live Writer. If it does work, I’d say Microsoft has done a good job. What’s surprising is that it works with Blogger, Word Press, LiveJournal and not just Live Spaces. [...]

Indus Creed: Pretty Child - A tribute


Heard it the first thing in the morning, and have not stopped listening to it since. My brother used to play it often and it used to be running on TV all day. This song was something. Was voted 9th in the best 100 videos of 1993, worldwide.There is something very nostalgic about this song. [...]

Orkut hoaxes

This took me some time to compile. Over the past couple of months i have been flooded by mails which claim to do a lot of things including infecting your computer with a virus, closing the account and what not. Here are some that have come to me. If you see something coming your way, [...]

April Fool Day: The Google Way

Google can be fun! Never lose the opportunity. The links for the hoaxes are mentioned. Feel free to view them. But a gentle advice, don’t fall for them again!

In 2000: Google MentalPlex

The Google mentalPlex
Google announced a new “MentalPlex” search technology that supposedly read the user’s mind to determine what the user wanted to search [...]

Then and Now….Evolution of an MBA

Another semester draws to a close. It would be too clichéd to say ; ‘Time Flies’. One year and life has totally changed. There is nothing common between what was then and what is now. it’s a good exercise to try and figure out how things have changed.
My waist was 31, now its 34!
I was [...]

Sleeping and getting up

Well the alumni meet at Bombay was good. Was good to catch up with seniors, some I met for the first time. Any about the alumni meet later. Something more important now, sleep.
Went straight to Reena’s place after the meet. Well there were some 6 of us and we had to improvise. Reena and Shikha [...]

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