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I created an e-book of Shri Sai Satcharitra. You can download it from here. Please me comments and feedback.I made this because i thought this would be an easier way to organize this work.

I always wanted something where i could search and index properly. This is something I did out of pure personal convenience.Help spread the good word of Baba by sending a copy of this e-book to all you know. Drop me a mail to improve this e-book.

Why this e-book?

  • Larger font size for easier readability.
  • Organize your favourite chapters
  • Search
  • Easy to read anywhere on any Windows Machine
  • Maintain last chapter read in history

If you like this book, please share with others and share this link for them to download. This is non-monetary; I would request you not to charge anyone for this e-book. Its meant to be free to help spread the good word of Sai Baba.

Download formats, click the file format to download!


16 Responses to “Shri Sai Satcharitra Download”

  1. lalithaNo Gravatar says:


    thanks for the ebook.

    everyday I used to read a chapter online, but today the 9th chapter did not open and I found your ebook online.

    Thanks so much.

  2. KrishnanNo Gravatar says:

    Could you please e-mail me the e-book..
    I am getting download error.

  3. ShanmugamNo Gravatar says:


    Thanks a lot for the ebook. I was searching all over all other online sites were not working.


  4. Prakash SaiNo Gravatar says:

    HI Vineet Rajan:

    Thanks for sharing the ebook.

    This is an elegant compilation of Sai Satcharithra done with utmost devotion.

    May Sairam shower His choicest blessings on you!

  5. priyaNo Gravatar says:

    thanks a lot. may sai graces always protect you and give you success.

  6. DarshanNo Gravatar says:

    Thanks a ton.May Sai Baba give all the blessings for this deed done by you.

  7. MaheshNo Gravatar says:

    Thanks a lot for the book.
    In good format.

  8. vinniNo Gravatar says:

    Hi everyone, i am very happy that you found the e-book useful. its always a pleasure to spread the leela’s of Baba.

  9. Amit kumarNo Gravatar says:

    Thanks,i know that baba has guided you for providing satcharitra to devotees like us,may his blessings shower to devotee like u.

  10. vinniNo Gravatar says:

    Amit, thanks for your wishes! Jai Sai Ram.

  11. radhikaNo Gravatar says:

    Could you please e-mail me the e-book..
    I am getting download error.

  12. S B PatilNo Gravatar says:

    I am developing unique web side of SAIBABA, I request u to provide english version of Sai Sat Charitra to be attached to my website

    Om Sai Ram

    • vinniNo Gravatar says:

      HI SB

      Good to hear about the website. Are you looking for the word documents or the ebook itselff?

      Its available for download. the links are posted on this post itself

      Please check and let me know if anything else is needed.


  13. Jaya PatilNo Gravatar says:

    Om Sai Ram
    Your concept is very excellent, I enjoed the reading of Sai Sat Charitra
    Kindly allow us to attach the links to our website
    Saibaba bless You n Your Family

    • vinniNo Gravatar says:

      Hi Jaya,

      Om Sai Ram

      Feel free to use the ebook as you wish to. You can download and link to your website or provide the link to this post on your website for people to download.

      I Leave the choice to you.

      SB Patil and you are starting the website? Wish you all the best!


  14. GangiNo Gravatar says:

    This Book is really Awesome For Sai’s Devotee’s who use to read satcharithra daily.. online.. which is easy 2 access
    Ur concept is simply superb.. May God shower’s his blessings to U & ur Family…


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