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More about orkut…

Well its a nice idea to write on orkut, and it has changed the way we human beings interact, but I think that there is more to orkutting which we often tend to neglect in the awe of the sheer magnanimity of the number of people u can meet…But there are a lot of things [...]

Life after orkut…..

life’s changed a lot after orkut. i dont think anyone would ever disagree with me on that. But have you realised how it has also changed the way we use the internet.
I remember when the internet had just started in India. I was hooked to Yahoo! CHAT. Yes, that cumbersome JAVA applet that took [...]

SUPERHERO - The Developer’s Song

Microsoft Chairman and Chief Software Architect, Bill Gates, launches the next generation of integrated computing platform - Visual Studio 2005, SQL Server 2005, and BizTalk Server 2006 in India on December 9, 2005. Joining in the celebration is the Indian Rock band – Parikrama with a rock song just for our Indian developers.
Called `Superhero’ the [...]

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