My SIBM interview


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Well, my interview was rocking! totally out of this world. Was kinda eventful. You’ll shortly see why. Read on… Check out this space for what i think an ideal interview should be like.

Q. So you think you are better than the Vineet who just walked out of this room?
A. Can i comment on someone i have not talked to. But since you have met with him, i could tell you about myself. You are a better judge. then i gave lowdown about myself….

Q. Tell me about your family
A. Whatever i said, my fa,ily rocks anyway

Q. What does your mom write about?
A. I had mentioned feminist issues and they told me to narrate a couple of them

Q. Why does my father do what he does.

Q. ABout my brother, is he my inspiration

Q. Hobbies, i had mentioned comics. So the next 15 minutes they asked only about Calvin Hobbes. Thats my favourite.

Q. Why do you like Calvin?

Q. Do you identify with him?

Q. Tell me about his family.

Q. About hobbes

Q…………….. All about Calvin Hobbes.

Q. Which adventure of asterix featured an Indian Fakir?

Q. Why do you want to do MBA?

Q. Tell me about your dramatics.

Q can you enact Calvin and Hobbes? Wel i did and it went on for some 5 minutes. They were laughing their heads off and told me to stop.

Thanks Vineet, i think we should give others a chance now. Best of luck for the other rounds. Do well…..

4 Responses to “My SIBM interview”

  1. Dementia says:

    Congrats on SIBM!

  2. Shailesh a.k.a. Cynosure says:

    Do you think they’ll take another guy (me) in just on the basis of his knowledge of Calvin n Hobbes/FRIENDS/Rock music and completely igore his CAT score?

  3. Prats says:

    That was a decent interview….

    I would have loved to see being Calvin and Hobbes…

  4. ArchanaNo Gravatar says:

    first of all which Asterix featured indian Fakir..

    shared passion CnH..

    Did u enact calvin or hobbes..

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